Our spring show

We will be delighted to present the Artweeks on-line Spring Show 2024 from 12 April to 31 May to help you choose which artists to visit during the Artweeks festival. Click on the buttons below each piece to view more art by each artist, to see their venue(s), and how to contact them directly if you wish to buy the art in their show. To explore on-line Art Trails and see more art by all Artweeks artists, visit our on-line Art Showcase.
(Sizes are approximate)

Kerry Forkner: Textile 'Stone' Brooches

Kerry Forkner

Textile 'stone' brooches
Cotton coloured with natural dyes, hand embroidery and glass beads
5-6cms across
£25 each

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David Stone: The Flower Market, Lille, France

David Stone

The Flower Market, Lille, France.
59cm x 49cm framed

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Gerry Coles: Blue tits

Gerry Coles OAS

Blue Tits
A greetings card
from an original linoprint
15 x 15cm

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Marta Williams: Everlasting Love

Marta Williams

Everlasting love
Installation: dried flowers
Similar commission £250

Judith Godsland: paper bookmarks

Judith Godsland OCG

Set of 9 corner bookmarks made of paper
Each is approx 8.5 x 8.5 cm
£36 (or £4 each)

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Julian March: Teapot

Julian March

Glazed ceramics
Similar by commission, from £80

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James Hamilton: Bulb Fields near Haarlem

James Hamilton OAS

Bulb Fields near Haarlem, May 2023 - study I
Watercolour and gouache
21 x 29cm mounted and framed

Dinah Trowbridge: Ring a Ring o’ Roses

Dinah Trowbridge

Ring a Ring o’ Roses (2024)
42 x 30 cm
60 x 42cm mounted & framed

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Rosie Colvin: Cowrie spiral earrings

Rosie Colvin

Cowrie spiral earrings
Sterling Silver & Cowrie shells
27mm x 32mm

Brian Britton: The Moonrakers

Brian Britton

The Moonrakers
One-off oil-based relief print
52 x 94 cm
Similar by commission £500

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Nicola Cavalla: Old Friends

Nicola Cavalla

Old Friends
Oil on canvas board
30cm x 40cm

Elaine Allender: Harbour textures, early morning

Elaine Allender

Harbour textures, early morning
Mixed media
42cm x 52cm, framed

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Deb Sutcliffe: Flora

Deb Sutcliffe

Wood engraving
85 x 140 mm
£155 (unframed)
(Also available in black)

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Wendy Botto: View of Radcliffe Camera, Spires and rooftops from the TVC rooftop, Oxford

Wendy Botto

View of Radcliffe Camera, Spires and rooftops from the TVC rooftop, Oxford
From the Oxfordshire Rooftop views series
Acrylic on unframed stretched canvas
76 x 97cm

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Jacqueline Pumphrey: Towards Blowingstone Hill

Jacqueline Pumphrey

Towards Blowingstone Hill
Conte crayon
12 x 9 inches (plus mount and frame)
£250 framed

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Killingworth Castle: Flowers on Black II

Killingworth Castle

Flowers on Black II
by Nick Green
Oil on canvas
51 x 40.5 cm

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Charlotte Leech: 'Collies sleep anywhere' bowl

Charlotte Leech

'Collies sleep anywhere' bowl
14cm diameter, 6cm high to tip of dog's ears

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Penny Varley: Spring ceramic plaque

Penny Varley

Ceramics plaque
14 x 14cm
£40 plus p&p

Eleanor Wong: Hide and Seek

Eleanor Wong

Hide and Seek
Acrylic and ink on paper board
Framed 47x59cm
Price £550 ‘collection only’

Nigel Edwards: White Horse Terrain Bowl

Nigel Edwards WOA

White Horse Terrain Bowl
Woodash glazed ceramic stoneware
27cm diameter

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David Shapiro: The Arrangement

David Shapiro

The Arrangement
Mixed Media
10 x 16 cms
£95 unframed
or £250 mounted and framed

Candida Kerpache: Peacock Waves

Candida Kerpache

Peacock Waves
Acrylic pour
45 x 55cm with gold floating frame
£ 510

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Ronny Loxton: Tawny Owl

Ronny Loxton

Tawny Owl
Acrylic on canvas
20 x 20cm

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Melissa Orrom Swan: I’m Waiting…

Melissa Orrom Swan WOA

I’m Waiting…
Mixed media sculpture
Dog: 13cm high x 15cm wide

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Harriet Eagle: Hello Pumpkin!

Harriet Eagle OAS

Hello Pumpkin!
Oil on cradled panel with white wood surround
35 x 35 cm

Andrew Forkner: On the Hunt - Stoat

Andrew Forkner

On the Hunt - Stoat
Acrylic on panel
24" x 12" framed

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Jeanne Jackson: Bee Vase

Jeanne Jackson OCG, WOA

Bee vase
16cm high

Rachel Wallace: Come into my garden

Rachel Wallace

Come into my garden
Limited edition photographic print on sustainable hemp paper
16" x 12"

Jess Sarson: Leaf motif platter and bottle vase/pourer set

Jess Sarson

Leaf motif platter and bottle vase/pourer set
Plate 28.5cm diameter
Vase/pourer 19cm tall x 10cm diameter (holds 1 pint)
The set £110
(or available separately for £48 & £62)

Etta Rain: Vase

Etta Rain Ceramics

17cm h by 11cm wide

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Sheila Hore: Raven

Sheila Hore

Raven (The Fragile Worlds Series)
Modelled porcelain, mounted on birch and oak.
Height 33cm, base 17cm (max)

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Fiona Tracey: Even the flowers are singing

Fiona Tracey

Even the flowers are singing
Oil on canvas
100 x 100cm

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Lynn Pilgrim: Flying Low

Lynn Pilgrim

Flying Low
Medium: hand printed paper collage
8" x 8"
£45 framed

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Neil Butterfield: Tre Formaggi

Neil Butterfield WOA

Tre Formaggi
Acrylic on canvas
56 x 56 cm mounted & framed

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Nicola Durrant: Unshaken Rain

Nicola Durrant OAS

Unshaken Rain
Acrylic, ink and oil sticks on a ply panel
30cm x 30cm in white tray frame

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Lewknor Life Drawing: Farne Island Puffins

Lewknor Life Drawing

Farne Island Puffins
by Anne Harris
Watercolour on paper
17.5 x 26 cms
Similar on commission, £275
Artist - Anne Harris

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Wallingford & District Art Club: Wittenham Clumps in Summer

Wallingford & District Art Club

Wittenham Clumps in Summer by Mark Wood
60 x 46cm
£395 framed

Pamela Wyles: Covehithe

Pamela Wyles

Oil on canvas board
29cm x 35cm framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Thomas Shepherd: Wallace Monument

Thomas Shepherd

Wallace Monumenent
Indian Ink, and polychromo pencil
16" x11"
£600 framed

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Nicola Bingham: A Fruit Sensation

Nicola Bingham

A fruit sensation
Oil on canvas (framed)
12" x 16"

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Lieke Walker: Lidded earthenware pot with gold leaf

Lieke Walker

Lidded earthenware pot with gold leaf
Height 12.5 cm, width 9.5 cm

Robert Pickford: Large glazed vase form

Robert Pickford

Large glazed vase form
Coil pot, matte blue stoneware glaze
approx 30 x 30cm

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Lucy Sylvester: Twig engagement ring with budded twig wedding band

Lucy Jade Sylvester

Twig engagement ring with budded twig wedding band.
Made to order.

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Annabel Eyres: Surfing paper cut

Annabel Eyres

Olympic surfing paper cut
56 x 76 cm unframed
660 x 860 framed.
Similar by commission £750

George Shelley: Bridge to Nowhere

George Shelley

Bridge to Nowhere
A3 in an A2 frame

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Jane Hainsworth: Necklace of multi semi-precious beads

Jane Hainsworth

Necklace of multi semi-precious beads with sterling silver and opalite
Length: 64.5 cm, 25 inches

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Celine Beaugrand: Grey Vase

Celine Beaugrand

Grey Vase
Digital art
Mounted and framed: 38cm x 30.5
£60 including P&P

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Suzanne Bladon: Spring Bud Vases

Suzanne Bladon (Mireille Pottery)

Spring Bud Vases
8cm to 18cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Robin McClelland: Moon Jars

Robin McClelland OCG, WOA

Moon Jars
Stoneware, one black clay, one white clay
13cm tall and wide
£50 each

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Sue Side: Wisteria in Spring

Sue Side OAS

Wisteria in Spring
Watercolour and ink
10 x 10cm / mounted & framed 23 x 23cm
£235 (including P&P)

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Ruth Swain: Anyway Up

Ruth Swain OAS

Anyway up
65 x 65 cm unframed

Tim Kapp: All Saints Church, Chilton

Tim Kapp

All Saints Church, Chilton, Oxfordshire
Oil on canvas
18" x 14"
£250 including P&P

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Asha Pearse: Calming the Chaos.

Asha Pearse

Calming the Chaos
Mixed media

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Janet Richardson: silver and green topaz ring

Janet Richardson

Silver and green topaz ring
Similar by commission

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Manko: Brawler


Ceramic sculpture on book

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Maggie Levien: White Bowl and Lemon

Maggie Levien

White Bowl and Lemon
Oil on hand made board
"7 x 5" or larger to commission
Plinth mounted and framed in a bespoke white painted frame
Similar by commission from £260

Emma Baldwin: Ceramic Vessel

Emma Baldwin

Ceramic vessel
33cm height

Foris: Pen Box


Pen Box in Walnut & brass
24.5 x 6 x 4cm

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Daniel Blackmore: Victoria Arms Pub by flooded meadows

Daniel Blackmore

Victoria Arms Pub by flooded meadows
30" x 22" unframed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Jane Smith: Wonders of Woodstock

Jane Smith

Wonders of Woodstock
Photography/Collage Giclee print
Edition of 25
50x70cm black frame
£ 475

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Annie Monk: Connections

Annie Monk SOA

Mixed Media
52 x 52cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Lorraine Berkshire-Roe: Trip

Lorraine Berkshire-Roe

Digital print of original pen and ink illustration
8” x 8” including mount
£20 incl. p&p

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Pat Elmore: Girl

Pat Elmore

Sculpture - lincoln stone
35 cm tall and 25 cm wide

Gleide Reid: Bruno

Gleide Reid

Oil on canvas

Deborah Williams: Intervals

Deborah Williams OAS

Mixed media (collage, pencil, pastel, paint)
67 x 83 cm approx
£650 framed
Also available as a Giclee print & card

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Wendi Weller: The Heat of the Morning

The Gallery at Burford Garden Company

Wendi Weller
The Heat of the Morning
Acrylic and Oil Pastel
60 x 60cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Judith Yarrow: FarmED - cow parsley, spring woodland copse

Judith Yarrow OAS

FarmED - cow parsley, spring woodland copse
Acrylic and watercolour on cradled board
33 x 33cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Catherine Binnie: Summer Storm

Catherine Binnie OAS

Summer Storm
Oil on panel
25x20 cms plus frame
£395 framed

Wendy A Wilson: Blue Sky Day


Blue SKy Day
Acrylic on canvas
50 x 50 cm

Jane Greer: The Traces We Leave Behind

Jane Greer

The Traces We Leave Behind
Media natural earth colours on cotton rag
5” x7” in 10" x 8" mount

Julia Ogborne: Summer Living

Julia Ogborne WOA

Summer Living
Acrylics on paper
25 x 25cm in a 43 x 43cm frame
£120 plus p&p.

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Emma Davis: Clearwater

Emma Davis OAS

Mixed media
32 x 32 cm

Etain O'Carroll: Soft Light

Etain O'Carroll

Soft Light
Photography: archival quality giclée print
50 x 50cm
£75 unframed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Amy Hughes: Pink Magnolias

Amy Hughes

Pink Magnolias
Acrylic and gold leaf
15x15cm; 22x22cm mounted
£50 mounted

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Fleur Enser: Earthenware platter with black slip decoration

Fleur Enser

Earthenware platter with black slip decoration
40cm x34cm (circular, but slightly oval)

Charlotte Storrs: Trefoil tulip vase

Charlotte Storrs

Trefoil tulip vase
16cm ht

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Amanda Bond: Distance

Amanda J Bond

Oil on board
27 x 27 cms
£150 framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Sarah Wenden: River Thames at Dorchester

Sarah Wenden

River Thames at Dorchester
Oil on board
33cm x 41cm (excluding frame)
£550 framed

Tina Mohindra: Deep

Tina Mohindra OAS

Oil on canvas
150 x 100cm

Beverley Matchette-Downes: Blossom 1

Beverley Matchette-Downes

Blossom I
Waterless multi-plate lithograph 10/10
(Limited variable edition)
53cm x 58 cm
£300 mounted and framed
(£200 mounted only)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Ann Marie Morgan: Maiden

Ann Marie Morgan SOA

Mixed media on canvas
32" by 24"

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Claire Drinkwater: Water Lily

Claire Drinkwater OAS, OPC

Water Lily
Etching (edition of 10)
Image size: 16 x16 cms
30 x 30 cms
£95 mounted (plus £4 postage)
£125 mounted & framed (collection only)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Seeun Kim: Victorian Brooch

Seeun Kim

Victorian Brooch
Gold-plated Brass
3cm x 5cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Peter Collins: Conjunction 31

Peter Collins SOA

Conjunction 31
Mixed Media on 300gsm paper
60cm x 84cm framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Hannah Cushion: Blenheim after Rousseau

Hannah Cushion

Blenheim Palace after Rousseau
Stitch on found postcard
14 x 9 cm unframed, 27 x 27cm framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Val Hughes: Tin Fish

Val Hughes

Tin fish on oak plinth
25 x 7cm
£25 plus P&P

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Bruce Garside: Dancing Leaves

Bruce Garside

Fraom the Dancing Leaves series
Stainless steel & corten
40 cm x 160 cm on a plinth

Stacey Prigent: Ceramic Flask

Stacey Prigent

Ceramic flask
Ceramic / stoneware
17.5cm tall x 13cm wide x 4cm deep

Valma Benfield: A view from a window in Polperro

Valma Benfield

A view from a window in Polperro
Acrylic on canvas board
64 x 64 cm framed
£195 plus P&P

Penny Astrop: Tulips in McClelland Pot

Penny Astrop

Tulips in McClelland Pot
Acrylic on board
42cms x 52cms, framed
£120, collection only

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Jo Lillywhite: Beechwood Bells

Jo Lillywhite

'Beechwood Bells
40x40cm framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Emily Marston: Mini Nerikomi Flower Bowl

Emily Marston

Mini Nerikomi Flower Bowl 'Flow'
5.6 x 5 cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Andrew Walton: Nuneham

Andrew Walton

Oil on board
7" x 10" (10" x 13" framed)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Jane Kelly: Hyacinths and Celia

Jane Kelly OAS, SOA

Hyacinths and Celia
Acrylic on canvas
50cm x 50cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Rachel Williamson: All Is Full of Love

Rachel Williamson

All Is Full of Love
Acrylic and oil on canvas
75 x 60cm

Robin Danely: Pink Carnation

Robin Danely OAS

Pink Carnation (2023)
Oil on board, unframed

George Taylor: Deepseaswell

George Taylor RBSA OAS

Deepseaswell (2021)
Cardboard, timber dowel rods and acrylic paint on canvas in a clear acrylic case
145 x 123 x 15cm

Guen Palmer: Silver, 18ct gold & moonstone necklace

Guen Palmer

Silver, 18ct gold & moonstone necklace.
Precious metal jewellery
3 x 3cm on an 18” silver chain

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Miranda Miller: Head in the Clouds

Miranda Miller

A small ceramic sculpture/vase
20cm high approx 9cm wide plus wire

Andrei Zetu: Why Not?

Why Not ?
Mixed media, acrylic
120 X 100cm box canvas

Gio Botto: In the Red Corner

Gio Botto

In the Red Corner 2023
Oils on primed paper
168 x 119 cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Lizzie Christie-Miller: Flower Power

Lizzie Christie-Miller

Flower Power
Oil on canvas
28 x 22

Tony Fleetwood: Mackeral

Tony Fleetwood

A4, framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Ushma Sargeant: Take a Breather

Ushma Sargeant

Take a Breather
50 x 70cm framed

Vivien Shelton: Coiled Black Stoneware with slip decoration

Vivien Shelton OAS

Coiled Black Stoneware with slip decoration
26 x 26 x 26cm

Rosemary Atkins: Sunflower Seed Head

Rosemary Atkins

Sunflower seed head
59 x 53cm

Sally Dorrity: Round Vase

Sally Dorrity SOA, WOA

Round vase
20 x 15 x 5 cms

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Sophie Bass: Songs of Our Mothers

Sophie Bass

Songs of our Mothers
Gouache painting reproduced as giclee print
Available in sizes A5-A1
£15 - £100

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Lis Mann: Path across the Fields

Lis Mann

Path across the Fields
Collage and acrylic paint on paper
55cm x 42cm framed.

Artist Portfolio / Contact
William North: Red Kite Surveying

William North

Red Kite Surveying
70cm x 56cm
£395 framed and mounted

Robert Merchant: Horatio Hare

Robert Marchant

Horatio Hare
Acrylic on box canvas
70 x 70cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Carol Harvey: Pigment Bank

Carol Harvey

Pigment Bank
Mixed media on antique printer's tray
28 x 42 x 3.5 cm

Bruce Bignold: Merton College Sports Ground

Bruce Bignold

Merton College Sports Ground
Indian ink with watercolour wash
A3, unframed

Liz Gascoigne: Oppidum

Liz Gascoigne

Acrylic on canvas
80 x 55cm framed

Ruth Gerring: A jug of tulips

Ruth Gerring

A jug of tulips
40x50 cm unframed

Jess Parker: Rain Coming In

Jess Parker

Rain Coming In
Ink, bleach & acrylic on cartridge paper
£165 mounted

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Hannah Vickery: Metamorphosis

Hannah Vickery OAS

Acrylic, ash and limestone powder on wood
Framed in an off-white tray frame
30 x 30cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Rosemary Meara: Cow parsley

Rosemary Meara

Cow parsley
Three dimensional textile
Screen print, hand and machine stitching
20 cm X 40cm - free standing

Jenny Dingwall: The Final Set Before Tea

Jenny Dingwall

'The Final Set Before Tea'
Linocut print
42 x 30cm (image)
£160 unframed (£240 framed)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Roger Jones: Polperro, at low tide

Roger Jones OAS

Polperro, at low tide
16" x 20" framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Andrea Wicks: Duo Blue Jug

Andrea Wicks

Duo Blue Jug
15cm tall

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Julie Brown: Untitled Monoprint

Julie Brown

Untitled monoprint
20 cm diameter
Framed £135

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Suri Poulos: Porcelain Moon Jar

Suri Poulos

Porcelain Moon Jar
Pastel Fragments Pattern
20 cm x 19 cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Sharon Rich: The Green Man

Sharon Rich WOA

The Green Man
Stained glass panel in a wood frame on a hand carved stone stand
Size of glass including frame 25" x 19"
Base 4" tall
£1200 (collection from Longcot only)

Bry Leighton: Sushi Swim

Bry Leighton

Sushi Swim
Handcut paper collage
14 x 17cm, 24 x 32.5cm mounted & framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Jill Smith: Glancing Light near Westcot

Jill Smith

Glancing Light near Westcot
Oil on canvas, float mounted
40 x 40cm, framed 44 x 44cm
£240 in natural light-coloured wood 'tray' frame

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Mandy Reid: Harwell Cherries 2

Mandy Reid

Harwell Cherries 2
Oil based coloured pencils on Derwent Lightfast paper
11 x14" mounted

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Yvette Phillips: Cockles & Brittlestar

Yvette Phillips OAS

Cockles & Brittlestar
Hand embroidery on vintage silk (framed & glazed)
15x15cm (framed 28x28cm)

Joanna Ferguson: Mosaic Tree

Joanna Ferguson

Mosaic Tree Plaque
Broken china and tiles on reclaimed plywood
36cm x 26cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Janie Bickersteff: Raku-fired stoneware box

Janie Bickersteth

Two piece ceramic box with a lid
Raku-fired stoneware
9 x 9 x 9cm approx

Janet Cross: Ceramic Cachepot

Janet Cross

Ceramic Cachepot
17.5 cm tall, 25 cm diameter

Sharon Highway: leather journal

Sharon Highway

Red leather journal
£31 plus £5 p&p

Paul Whitehouse: The Path to Zennor

Paul Whitehouse OAS

The Path to Zennor
Oils on board
52cm x 42cm
£240 (framed)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Susie Cummings: October Nasturiams

Susie Cummings

October Nasturiams
Acrylic on 9mm board
23.5 x 29 cm
£300 framed

Helen McCarthy: Model Curled Over

Helen McCarthy

Model Curled Over
Pastel on Paper
68 x 48 cm; framed 100x 70cm
£ 400

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Jenny Smith: The Path Above the Sea

Jenny Smith WOA

The path above the sea
Acrylic on box canvas
24’’ x 18’’

Nic Vickery: Good morning!

Nic Vickery

Good Morning!
Ink and Watercolour on a vintage map Burford, the Wychwoods and surrounding area.
Map dates to 1919, with 1958 corrections.
Unframed... 49.5cm x 47cm, £200
Framed... 54cm x 54cm, £250

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Caroline Meynell: Blue Mountain

Caroline Meynell

Blue Mountain
Pastel 8"x 6"
£75 mounted

John Somerscales Lakeside Trees, Blenheim

John Somerscales OAS

Lakeside Trees, Blenheim
16 x12"

Lucy Hutchison: Small Orange Boat

Lucy Hutchison

Small Orange Boat
Paper Collage
18 x 18cm
32 x 32cm framed in white

Candy Kerpache: Golden Flare

Candida Kerpache

Golden Flare
Acrylic pour on canvas
45cm X 55 cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Helen Ward: Shady Corner

Helen Ward OAS

Shady Corner (2023)
Acrylic on board
61 x 46cm framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Helen Reid: Harlow

Helen Reid

Mosaic: glass on board
30 x 30cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Elizabeth Murphy: Striations

Elizabeth Murphy

Black and White Stoneware, 2024
37cm high x 13cm in diameter

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Fi Cooper: Downland Summer Vase

Fi Cooper

Downland Summer Vase
Handbuilt highly textured ceramics, fired to stoneware
Glazed inside, matte finish outside.
approx 22cm tall.

Juliet Eccles: Rapunzel

Juliet Eccles

Photography, printed on correx
A2 42 x 59 cm
£ 100

Jayne Ford: Golden Fields

Jayne Ford

Golden Fields
Oil on canvas
30" x 24" in white wood frame

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Linda Arnold: Blue Bowl

Linda Arnold

Blue Bowls
16cm W x 6cm H
Similar by commission £40

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Kay Jamieson: Lenny

Kay Jamieson OAS

37 x 32 cm framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Robin Walden: Iron spot porcelain moonjar

Robin Walden

Iron spot porcelain moonjar
19cm H x 17 cm W

Maggie Bicknell: Daffodils in Yellow Jug

Maggie Bicknell OAS

Daffodils in Yellow Jug
Oil on Canvas, unframed
40cm x 30cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Michael Reed: Heather, Ling and Longships

Michael Reed

Heather, Ling and Longships
Mixed media
64 x 64 cm framed

Tony Thomson: necklace

Tony Thomson

Pieces of sea china set in silver with clasp
Length approx 24cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Tara Parker-Woolway: Emergence

Tara Parker-Woolway OAS

Emergence 2024
Acrylic on canvas
60 x 60 cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Andrew Binnie: Red Kite

Andrew Binnie

Red Kite
88cm tall

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Imogen Orr: Last Light, the Loire

Imogen Orr

Last Light, the Loire
Oil on canvas
40 x 45cm

Siobhan Abrahamas: The Director’s Chair - Oxford Canal

Siobhan Abrahams

The Director’s Chair - Oxford Canal
Acrylics on Canvas
Framed 20"x24”

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Benedict Ramos: Cycladic Head and Ammonite

Benedict Ramos

Cycladic Head and Ammonite (2023)
Signed limited edition archival pigment ink print
Available in either
an edition of 20 at 15" x 10" at £135 mounted/£225 framed
or an edition of 15 at 18 ”x 12” at £185 mounted/£295 framed

Tam Frishberg: Colour Explosion

Tam Frishberg OCG

Colour Explosion
12cm diameter & 4.5 tall

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Luca Hirst: Pink Pieced Quilt

Luca Hirst

Pink Pieced Quilt
17.5" x 17.5"

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Challoner Spokes: Still Life with Eggs and Steps

Challoner Spokes

Still Life with Eggs and Steps
Acrylic on canvas-board
23 x 30.5cm
£74 unframed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Ruth Swain: Looking at Vermeer

Ruth Swain OAS

Looking at Vermeer
Oil on canvas
70 x 60 cm

Christine Bass: Little Tring towards Wilstone

Christine Bass OAS

Little Tring towards Wilstone
Acrylic and Mixed Media Painting
66cm high x 124cm wide

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Alison Holmans: Handcoiled stoneware bowls

Alison Holmans

Hand coiled stoneware bowls with a deep blue chun glaze
Diameters from 16-21cm
Prices from £30-£95

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Sarah Turner: Mackeral with onion

Sarah Turner

Mackerel with onion
Approx A3

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Brian Britton: Spring Hare

Brian Britton

Spring Hare
Limited edition reduction linoprint
21 x 30cms unframed
£80 (framed £140)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Kumiko Kihara: 'Whisper of the moonlit flowers' hairpins

Kumiko Kihara OCG

Whisper of the moonlit flowers: hairpins
Sterling silver and 24k Gold
14-16cm long, including flower part (2-3cm)
£ 460-480 (including P&P)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Helen Woolner: A set of 'Charlie’s Donughts'

Helen Woolner

A set of 'Charlie’s Donughts'
approx 25-30cm
£700 the set or £185 each

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Judy Harden: Cotswold Sunset

Judy Harden

Cotswold Sunset
24" x 28"

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Rahima Kenner: A Sun-dappled Stroll

Rahima Kenner OAS, OPC, SOA

A Sun-dappled Stroll
Oil monoprint (onto Somerset Satin paper)
40 x 28.5 cm
£195 unframed

Petra Richards: Harriet

Petra Richards

Coloured pencils
64x70cm framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Lucy Butterwick: Totem

Lucy Butterwick

H 19cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Navpreet Kaur

Navpreet Kaur

Zanse Schans
Oil on canvas
40 x 40cm

Claire Stevens: Crimson Landscape

Claire Stevens Moiselle-Boo WOA

Crimson Landscape
Acrylic paint, acrylic ink and posca pens
24" x 24"

Helen Hancock: Flower Catcher Necklace

Helen Hancock

Flower Catcher Necklace
Fine silver, enamel and pearls
Diameter 27mm
Similar on commission - £65

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Satnam Kaur: Oneness

Satnam Kaur

Ink and watercolors
NFS, similar by commission £150

Artist Portfolio / Contact
David Shepherdson: Rollerball pen in African Blackwood with Fordite accent bands.

David Shepherdson

Rollerball pen from highly-figured African Blackwood with fordite accent bands.
Chrome fittings & standard “Schmidt/Pentel” style refill.

Alison Walters: Morning after the Storm, Skiathos

Alison Walters WOA

Morning after the Storm, Skiathos
Oil and acrylic on canvas
100 x 120cm£520

Jean Pierre de Rosnay: Bliss

Jean Pierre De Rosnay

Oil on canvas
40 x 30"

Jacqueline Burrage: Henley Town Square

Jacqueline Burrage

Henley Town Square.
Oil on canvas (unframed)
20" x16"
£180 (collection only)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Lin Kerr: The pink rock rose

Lin Kerr OAS

The pink rock rose
Oils on canvas with stitching
25cm x 35cm framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Zoe Hing: Trees at Buscot Park

Zoe Hing

Trees at Buscot Park
Acrylic on canvas
40 x 30cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Ian Staples: Pink and Orange fields at Ilmington

Ian Staples

Pink and Orange fields at Ilmington
Oil painting on board with plain wood frame
79 x 71cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Susanne Heinrich: Felted table lamp

Susanne Heinrich

Felted table lamp
Material Norwegian wool on wooden base

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Dee Robinson: Blowing in the Wind

Dee Robinson

Blowing in the Wind
A4 giclee print in an A3 mount £50
Other sizes are available: POA

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Alice Pryce: L304 R304

Alice P

L304 R304
Acrylic paint on handmade cotton rag paper
30 x 22 cm each
£380 (£190 each) unframed
£600 (£300 each) framed in bespoke perspex box frames

Forge Gallery: Sweet pea

Forge Gallery at Wychwood

Sweet pea
Linocut print
4” x 6” mounted

Richard Duckham: Drifting

Richard Duckham

Acrylics on canvas box frame
56 x 46cm

Steve Daggitt: Hillside, Mosel Valley

Steven Daggitt OAS

Hillside, Mosel Valley
Acrylic on canvas
40 x 50cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Colin Stokes: Big Blue

Colin Stokes

Big Blue
47 cm x 57 cm
similar original on commission £260
A3/A2 mounted Giclee prints £50/£75 incl P&P(UK)

Similar on commission - £260

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Rob Smith: Green Sheep

Rob Smith

Green Sheep
Limited edition giclee print of a watercolour
A4 print (or mounted in A3 frame)
£120 unframed (£200 framed )

Valerie Anne Dearlove: Battersea Cats Home

Valerie Anne Dearlove

Battersea Cats Home
Oil on canvas
56cm x 66cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Tony Wyer: Industrial Circle

Tony Wyer

Industrial Circle
Ai Digital Art on 300gms fine art paper
60 x 60 cm
£100 (unframed)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Emma Hunt: Make a Wish

Emma Hunt

Make a Wish
Framed Giclée Print
33x33cm (13x13inch)
£80 - collection only (Charlbury)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Alexandra Browne: Pampelonne tile

Alexandra Browne

Hand painted ceramic tile
8" x 8"

Alexandra Buckle: Sunflowers, Rain Showers

Alexandra Buckle

Sunflowers, Rain Showers
Image size, 30x40cm
£280 mounted (plus £12 p&p)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Morag Conway: Dance of the Delphinium

Morag Conway

Dance of the Delphinium
Oil on board
60 x 42 cm
£350 unframed (£450 framed)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Judie Waldmann: Which way? Whichever way the wind blows.

Judie Waldmann

Which way? Whichever way the wind blows.
53 x 35 cm plus mount & frame
£220 tbc

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Lucinda Foskett: Roses

Lucinda Foskett

Water-soluble oil on paper
83 x 67cm
£350 mounted

Alexandra Cardinal von Widdern: Starburst drop earrings

Alexandra Cardinal Von Widdern

Starburst drop earrings
18 carat solid molten gold
2 carat rose cut salt & pepper diamonds

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Jane Stillwell: Iridescence

Jane Stillwell

Digital photo, limited edition of 20
40 x 40cm framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Bridget Wheatley: sterling silver nest ring

Bridget Wheatley

Handmade recycled sterling silver nest ring with an irregular freshwater pearl
£395 to order

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Matt Black: Definitions Fall

Matt Black

Definitions Fall
Oil on canvas
60 x 50 cm
Collection only (Eynsham)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Leilani Jeevaratnam: Whispers of the Tide

Leilani Jeevaratnam WOA

Whispers of the Tide
Acrylic on canvas in tray frame
12” x 12”

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Emma Davis: Heatwave

Emma Davis OAS

Mixed media on board
30 x 30 cm
£525 framed

Machi de Waard: round offset bangle

Machi De Waard

Round offset bangle
Argentium silver
approx 2.5cm wide and 65cm inside diameter

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Caroline Ritson: Joyful Bluebell Wood

Caroline Ritson OAS

Joyful Bluebell Wood
78x53 cm framed

Tricia Wormald: Spring Greens

Tricia Wormald

Spring Greens
Oil on canvas
30cm x30cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Jane Tomlinson: Everything stops for tea

Jane Tomlinson

Everything stops for tea
56cm x 76cm (unmounted and unframed)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Becky Morgans: Silver Sea Urchin Hoop Earrings

Becky Morgans OCG

Silver Sea Urchin Hoop Earrings
including the Sea urchin 2.5 cm round

Marie Robinson: Paperwhites

Marie Robinson OAS

Oil on canvas board
40cm x 30cm
Framed, size 53.5cm x 43.5cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Edwina Sercombe: Floral Reflections - Study 1

Edwina Sercombe

Floral Reflections: Study 1
Oil, ink and oil pastel
14cm x 9.5cm

Rod Craig: A Cotswold Summer

Rod Craig OAS

A Cotswold Summer
Acrylic on collaged paper
45 x 30cm framed

Graham Miller: Spring Slipper Cup

Graham Miller

Spring Slipper Cup
11 x 12 x 6cm

Lainey Samuelson: The Sacred Clearing

Lainey Samuelson

The Sacred Clearing
Mixed Media
21 x 30cm in 30 x42 cm frame

Richard Stephens: Charroux Doorway

Richard Stephens OPC

Charroux Doorway
Limited edition print (series of 6)
16x16cm on 20x20cm paper
£40 unframed, £50 framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Tim Labuscagne: Kiwayu Fisherman

Tim Labuscagne

Kiwayu Fisherman
watercolour on Arches 300gsm paper
36 x 42 cm
£400 unframed

Neo cartouche: Stone-carved Fish – Offering

St Mary & St Nicholas Church, Littlemore

Stone-carved Fish – Offering
Sculpture by Neo Cartouche

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Pip Stacey: Turquoise Eryngium

Pip Stacey

Turquoise Eryngium
20cm x 20cm glass tile
mounted on a 30cm x 30cm board

Jenny Green: All Lined Up

Jenny Green

All Lined Up
Mixed media
52cm x 52cm framed

Veronics Dudley: Taking Flight

Veronica Dudley

Taking Flight.
Bronze resin
14.5cm x 20.5cm x 7cm
£250 direct

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Harriet Calfo: Winter Roses

Harriet Calfo WOA

Winter Roses
Mixed media on panel/board
Acrylic, ink, graphite, collage
30 x 30cm (the panel)
£295 framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Niki Thomas: The Wild Hedgerow

Niki Thomas

The Wild Hedgerow
Soft pastel on A5 pastel cardboard
£75 unframed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Elizabeth Spurway: fused glass freestanding painting

Elizabeth Spurway

Fused glass freestanding painting
on a black glass stand
27 x 20 cm

Mags Cuttle: After dinner coffee cup and saucer

Mags Cuttle

After dinner coffee cup and saucer
Glazed Stoneware
Diameter of cup: 9.5cm

Liz Dee: Statement Rings

Liz Dee

Statement Rings
Sterling Silver & bezel set gemstones
From £85

Oxon Artmakers: Didcot Power Station

Oxon Artmakers

Didcot Power Station by Glenn Larder
Watercolour on watercolour paper
61 x 43cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Florence Lidya Keskin: A3 painting on paper

Galleria Divina Firenze- STL

A3 painting on paper
by Florence Lidya Keskin

Maria Grazia Fontana Shelter: Don’t Panic


Don’t Panic
Framed print
24 cm x 32 cm
A tribute to Coldplay's song Don’t Panic
£ 50

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Mark Lord: Gin & Tonic

Lino Lord

Gin & Tonic
Linocut print
8" x 6" on approx 11" x 8" Somerset paper
Unframed £20

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Emma Coleman-Jones: Spring Walk, Christchurch Meadow

Emma Coleman-Jones OAS

Spring Walk, Christchurch Meadow
Chalk and pencil
28.5 x 33.5cm
£275 framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Susanna Brunskill: Brown Hare Running

Susanna Brunskill

Brown Hare Running
Oil on wood panel
34 x 34 cm framed
£235 + P&P

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Pauline Webber: Spring Study

Pauline Webber

Spring Study
Pastel, Conte crayon, on Japanese paper.
32 x 25cm

Sarah Dragonetti: From the Air

Sarah Dragonetti

From the Air
Oil on paper in white wooden frame
60 x 46cm

Robin Danely: Apollonia

Robin Danely OAS

Apollonia (2024)
Oil on canvas, unframed

Kate Webber: Robin, stoneware ceramic garden sculpture

Kate Webber WOA

Stoneware ceramic garden sculpture
approx. 10-15cm
similar available £50-90 dependent on mounting

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Kay Gibbons: ..and Isis danced with Old Father Thames

Kay Gibbons OAS, OCG, WOA

..and Isis danced with Old Father Thames
30cm x30cm
Similar commissions from £165.

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Sarah Hanner Hopwood: All was silent

Sarah Hanner Hopwood

All was silent
Watercolour, collage and cotton on paper
30 x 30cm (mounted & framed)
£140 incl P&P(UK)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Penelope Fulljames: Winding River

Penelope Fulljames OAS

Winding River
Oil on linen
50 x 50 cm
£995 framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Wendy Reed: Willowherb on Swyncombe Downs

Wendy Reed

Willowherb on Swyncombe Downs
59 x46cm with black wood frame

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Tania Humphrey: Relax 2

Tania Humphrey

Relax 2
Acrylic on canvas.
40 x 50cm

Peter Wheeler: Mont Choisy, Mauritius Island

Peter Wheeler

Mont Choisy, Mauritius Island
Acrylic on paper
20" x 16.5" framed in gilt brushed frame with 70mm antique white double mount

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Karen Joy: Across the Way

Karen Joy

Across the Way
Acrylic & mixed media on canvas
£380 unframed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Gilly Whittington: Small moon jar

Gilly Whittington OCG, WOA

Small moon jar
15 cm tall

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Westbury Gallery: Palestinian Musicians

Westbury People's Gallery

Palestinian musicians (by Alex)

Jessica Parker: Spring

Jessica Parker

Mixed media
35 x 80 cm in a white wooden frame

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Julia Beer: Visionary

Julia Beer

16w x 18h x 10d cm
Similar on commission, £160

Elizabeth Newbery: hand-built pot with slips and gold lustre.

Elizabeth Newbery

Earthenware pot
Hand-built with slips and gold lustre
14 cms tall (cactus not included)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Pip Shuckburgh: Aubergine

Pip Shuckburgh

Oil on wooden board
10" x 12" unframed

John Collier: Formations

John Collier

Inks on paper
42 x 59cm (unframed)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Jill Colchester: Simon

Jill Colchester OAS

Simon, drawn in 3mins 40secs
Watercolour and graphite
30 x 42cm
£102 unframed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Shire Bramble: Across the Estuary

Shire Bramble

Across the Estuary
Oil on canvas
18'' x 18"

Ellis Stacey: Enodia Watching

Ellis Stacey SOA

Enodia Watching
Wooden sculpture (oak and cherry)
66x11x5.5 cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Andrea McVeigh: Jersey Cow

Andrea McVeigh OAS

Jersey Cow, 2023
Charcoal drawing
110cm x 110cm framed in 4cm wide black frame with glass

Elly Dunford Wood: Shades of Green necklace

Elly Dunford Wood

Shades of green necklace
Silver, gemstones and sea glass

Sue Ashdown: Fern pendant

Sue Ashdown

Fern pendant
Silver clay Jewellery

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Gillian Cox: The Town Market

Gillian Cox

The Town Market
Oil on canvas
50 x 40cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Danielle Fox: The Pod

Danielle Fox

The Pod
Ceramics, stoneware.
28 cm tall

Kelly Turner-Kluj: At One

Kelly Turner-Kluj

At One
Acrylic on canvas
Unframed box canvas
50 x100 cms

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Pam Armitage: Spring

Pamela Armitage OCG, SOA

Free standing glass sculpture
6" x 2"

Caroline Harben: Spring does its Fluff!

Caroline Harben

Spring does its Fluff! (2023)
50 x 40 cm framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Angela Lenman: Walking High

Angela Lenman

Walking High
40cm x 50cm framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Abigail Panzeri: Tulipa Ballerina

Abigail Panzeri

Tulipa Ballerina
Watercolour 31x41cm
Limited edition Giclée prints from £45 plus P&P

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Pat Mead: glass-topped table

Pat Mead

Glass topped table built from oak and an upright piano frame
approx 1.5m x 1.0m

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Andrea Brewer: Metamorphosis

Andrea Brewer

Ceramic and woven willow
25 x 75cm approx

Susan King: Queenstown Gardens, New Zealand, in Spring

Sue King

Queenstown Gardens, New Zealand, in Spring
Acrylics on canvas
30 x 42 cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Let's Art Oxford

Let’s Art

Study of Aimé-Jules Dalou's sculpture, Portrait of Eugénie Maria Wynne
by Meisong Ren age 14
Sketching pencil on paper

Anita Ruiz: Aqua Trinket Dish

Anita Ruiz

Aqua Trinket Dish
Fused Glass
15cm Diameter
Similar on commission £30

Wycliffe Hall: Icon - Christ The Saviour

Wycliffe Hall

Icon, Christ The Saviour
by David Clifton
Acrylic on board, gold leaf
8x10 inches (approx)

Paul Bullivant: Spring comes late in the Faroes

Paul Bullivant

Spring comes late in the Faroes
Digital photographic print
38 x 25 cm
£110 unframed + P&P

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Ros Murphy

Ros Murphy

Oil on deep box canvas
30.5 cm x 30.5 cm
Similar on commission £300

Morag Conway: Evening Sky, Towards Blewbury

Morag Conway

Evening Sky, Towards Blewbury
Oil on board,
40 x 51cm unframed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Chloe Romanos: Dragonfly Necklace

Chloe Romanos

Dragonfly Necklace
Sterling silver with opals
8x9 cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Oxon Artmakers: Music Mayhem

Oxon Artmakers

Music Mayhem by Jayne Green
Acrylic on canvas board, black frame
26 x 20 in, 66 x 55 cm framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Tania Watson - illustration

Tania Watson

Personalised illustrations with mount
Media - pen and watercolour
15 x 15cm, 10" x 10" mounted
Similar bycommission £120

Josephine Malden: Shell style earrings

Josephine Malden

Shell style earrings
Receycled sterling silver
similar on commission £42

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Joseph Bull: The Pilgrim Bottle

Joseph Bull OCG

The Pilgrim bottle
Tree Ash Glaze overlay and natural fly ash
Woodfired for 76hours in the fire box of OU wood kilns
37cm x 26cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Francesca Shakespeare: Path to Fields Bletchington

Francesca Shakespeare OAS

Path to Fields Bletchingdon
Oil on boar
Framed (44x42cm)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Janice Thwaites: Doghouse

Janice Thwaites MA

Doghouse (2023)
Mixed media: 1950's 'Rock and Roll' style clothing on a timber dog kennel
H90cm x W56cm x D57cm, plus plinth

Fatmagul Aaltonen: The Chiltern Hills

Fatmagul Aaltonen

The Chiltern Hills
Fused glass with wooden base.
20cm X 30cm

Gill Heaton: Dive

Gill Heaton OAS

Oil on canvas
40 x 30 cms

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Karina Tarin: Abundance

Karina Tarin

Oil on canvas covered board
Painted area 45.7 x 61cm
£1,250 framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Evelyn Baxter: Infinity

Evelyn Baxter

Fused glass
28cm diameter

Valerie Petts: June Evening, Port Meadow

Valerie Petts OAS

June Evening, Port Meadow
Oil on linen canvas
image 50 x 30cm
£575 framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Oxon Artmakers: It's the Little things in Life

Oxon Artmakers

It's the Little things in Life
By Daniel Preston
Mixed media
65 x 46 x 30 cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Alison Vincent: Dancing Wave Splash in Sea Green

Alison Vincent

Dancing Wave Splash in Sea Green
Hot Sculpted Glass
34cm tall

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Seija Wentworth: Daisy Chain

Seija Wentworth

Daisy Chain
55 x 45cm

Daniel Balanescu: A Fine Mess

Daniel Balanescu

A Fine Mess
Mixed media on canvas
150 x 100 cm

Emma Williams: Wayland's

Emma Williams

Mixed media (cyanotype, pen, ink and chalk)
43 x 53 cm (framed)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Anna de la Mare: The Blue Hare

Anna De La Mare

The Blue Hare
26” x 20”
similar by commission £450

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Caroline Vivian: Spring flowers with blue vase

Caroline Vivian SOA

Spring flowers with blue vase
Oil on board
22 x 22cm
£150 unframed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Lucy Ballard: Stoneware wedding teapot

Lucy Ballard

Stoneware wedding teapot
"The ripest fruit hangs not where one but only two can reach"
NFS but similar by commission @£75

Sophie McCallum: Highland Stag

Sophie McCallum

Highland Stag
80 cm x 77 cm

Amrita Nanda: In Love with the Damsels

Amrita Nanda

In Love with the Damsels
Acrylic & Glow in the dark paints on canvas board
Framed 41cm x 51cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Mary Blackshaw: The obby oss of Stroud

Mary Blackshaw

The obby oss of Stroud
A4 portrait, limited edition of 40

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Catherine Rye: Tulip Ronaldo

Catherine Rye

Tulip Ronaldo
Print + collage on wooden panel (ready to hang)
25 x 30cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Antonia Glynne Jones: Limoncello

Antonia Glynne Jones OAS

Mixed Media on paper
41 x 41 cms; 53 x 53 cms framed in white, with glass

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Jayne Ford: Sunset Sunrise

Jayne Ford

Sunset Sunrise
30" x 26"

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Col Maw: Spring Wreath

Col Maw

Spring Wreath
27 x 27cm (approx)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Anita Joice: Dragon Hill

Anita Joice WOA

Dragon Hill
Acrylic on canvas
120 x 160cm

Barbara Harrison Caban: Summer

Barbara Harrison Caban

Acrylic on Box Canvas
80 x 80cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Eleanor Matthews: Memento Mori – present

Eleanor Matthews

Memento Mori – present
Mixed media: found fabrics, gold wire, coloured beads and sequins
42cm x 30 cm

Toby Michael: Emma Dabiri

Toby Michael

Emma Dabiri
Oil on linen
30 x 40cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
John Gunter: Let’s Not Think About Tomorrow

John Gunter

Let’s Not Think About Tomorrow
Acrylic on canvas
Framed size 60cm x 44cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Lou Sharpe: Repeat/Yellow

Lou Sharpe

Acrylic ink, oil and collage on heavyweight watercolour paper.
56x75 cm unmounted
£400 unframed
£500 Framed, collection only

Juliet Bankes: Pomegranate

Juliet Bankes OPC

50 x 70cm



Acrylic painting on canvas
40 x 60cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Janet Bird: Kingfisher in Flight

Janet Bird

Kingfisher in Flight
Soft pastels on Sennelier pastel card
13.5" x 20" framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Helen Grimbleby: Backlit on the Common

Helen Grimbleby

Backlit on the Common
Acrylic on canvas
60 x 50 cm framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Kashmira Patel: Celestial Moon Jar

Kashmira Patel

Celestial - Moon Jar
24cm diameter & height approx

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Rosalind Butt: St Mary’s Skies

Rosalind Butt

St Mary’s Skies
A3 (mounted and framed)

a+b furniture: Bead Sideboard

A+B Furniture

Bead Sideboard
Oak with bead blasted ash and forbo
L140cm x D45cm x H74cm

Lilli Tranborg: Teardrop

Lilli Tranborg

Portland Stone
24 x 11cm, 2kg

Sarah Jane Hearfield: Highland Cow

Sarah Jane Hearfield

Highland Cow
Gouache on watercolour paper
26 x 21cm, framed

Artist Portfolio / Contact

Niranjana Basappa

Arrival of the Robin
Oil on framed square canvas

Robyn Hardyman: Porcelain cylinder vases.

Robyn Hardyman OCG

Cylinder vases in porcelain
height 12-15 cm
£35 each +p&p.

Alison Fagg: Startled Hare

Alison Fagg WOA

Startled Hare
Fused Glass on Oak Stand
30cm x 20cm

Anna Lockwood: Goose

Anna Lockwood

Acrylic on canvas
150cm x 90cm (box framed)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Jane Topliss: Emergence

Jane Topliss

Height 15cm
£45 inc P&P

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Johannes von Stumm: Black and White

Johannes Von Stumm OAS, OPC

Black and White
Sculpture: stainless steel
200 x 120 x 48 cm
£ 32,000 incl. VAT

Artist Portfolio / Contact
David Paylor: Oxford Dancing Ladies 1

David Paylor

Oxford Dancing Ladies 1
Watercolour and Gouache
31 x 23 cm
£150 unframed

Bahar Murphy: The Ridgeway

Bahar Murphy OAS

The Ridgeway
Acrylic painting on deep canvas
90 x 90cm

Glynn Allcock: spalted beech bowl

Glynn Allcock

Spalted beech bowl
16" diameter

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Melanie Charles: Shimmering Shoal

Melanie Charles

Shimmering shoal
Mixed media on board
Fish made from recycled aluminium coffee pods
50 x 50cm

Livio Lobo: Waterfalls

Livio Lobo

Oils on board
16.5" x 16.5"

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Cathryn Jeff: Bluebells Beneath

Cathryn Jeff

Bluebells Beneath
Acrylic on wood panel
Framed in a deep white wooden floating frame with shadow gap
50 x 43cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Sue Frances: Lush Gingko

Sue Frances

Lush Gingko
Silk, satin and organza textile, layered with hand and machine embroidery
Mounted with gold frame, perspex glazing
34 x 34 cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Susan Parkinson: Memories of spring

Susan Parkinson

Memories of spring
Mixed media on wooden cradled panel
28.5cm x 28.5cm
in white shadow box frame

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Alice Kwan: Glow

Alice Kwan

Acrylic on Canvas
30 x 42cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Jane Cassidy: It’s spring!

Jane Cassidy

It’s spring!
Oil on canvas
50x50cm framed

Brenda Bradford: Flowing threads

Brenda Bradford

Flowing threads
Hand stitched embroidery
26 x 26cm framed

Jo Cross: Aurora Shores

Jo C Stroke Of A Brush

Aurora Shores
12x12 inch unframed

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Jo Dixon: Apple Pink

Jo Dixon

Apple Pink
Mixed media/giclee print
45 x 45 cm

Cherry Jaquet: Sid from the Cheeky Chappy Big Bird series

Cherry Jaquet

Sid from the Cheeky Chappy Big Bird series
Wood and metal
41cm high/32cm wide/37cm long

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Dianne Frank: Conference Pear

Dianne Frank SBA OAS

Conference Pear
Coloured pencil
48 x 40 cm (framed)

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Mary Vincent: Brain Wave

Mary Vincent

Brain Wave
Mixed media
50 x 40 cm

Sarah Pulvertaft: Either Side Ring

Sarah Pulvertaft

Either Side Ring
18Ct yellow and white gold & diamonds
25mm diameter face

Harriet Coleridge : Flower brick

Harriet Coleridge OCG

Flower Brick
41 x 8 x 5 centimetres
£175 plus P&P

Christine Erica Bainbridge: Still Life with Purple Jug

Christine Erica Bainbridge

Still Life with Purple Jug
oil on canvas
40cm x 50cm

Artist Portfolio / Contact
Suzanne Stogdon: Summer Stroll

Suzanne Stogdon

Summer Stroll
20 x 16 inches
£180 mounted

Artist Portfolio / Contact
James Kelso: Sir Tom Stoppard

James Kelso

Sir Tom Stoppard OM, CBE, FRSL
Oil on gessoed panel, framed
12" x 10" (31 x 25cm)

Jackie Richards: Puffin Love

Jackie Richards

Puffin Love
Paper collage from recycled colour magazines
12 x 12" (mounted and framed 18 x 18")

Jan Wilkinson: Heavies on Show

Jan Wilkinson

Heavies on Show
20" X 25" mounted & framed

Karen Vogt: Treble Clef

Karen Vogt

Treble Clef
73 x 17 x 10cm

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Becca Rowland: Penrose Red

Becca Rowland WOA

Penrose Red
Fused glass wall panel
30cm x 30cm

Jacqueline Burrage: Red Kites and Tractor Tracks

Jacqueline Burrage

Red Kites and Tractor Tracks
Oil on canvas
35 x 25"

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Christopher Townsend: Wall mounted Tree Sculture

Christopher Townsend

Wall mounted tree sculpture
Mild steel
90 x 65 x 7cm

William Watkin: She Woke and Smiled

William Watkin

She Woke and Smiled
Acrylic on Canvas
60 x 50cm

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Catherine Jennifer Charnock: Gibbons’ Zesty Zumba Fiesta

Catherine Jennifer Charnock

Gibbons’ Zesty Zumba Fiesta
Watercolour and mixed media
40 x 40cm (with painted edges)

Melissa Keskinkilinc: Walk in the Woods

Melissa Keskinkilinc

Walk in the Woods
30cm square

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Emma Cavell: Free to Be

Emma Cavell

Free to Be
Mixed Media Mosaic
26cm x 26cm
Similar by commission £495

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Charlie Davies: Dawn over Como

Charlie Davies OAS, OPC

Dawn over Como
Oil on board
7" x 5"
£180 unframed
£240 framed

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