Emma Souter

Artist Pallet: Creative Bi Product 1 by Emma Souter
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Wallingford - South & Vale
Drawing, Installation/Multisensory, Multidisciplinary, Painting, Pottery, Textiles

For Artweeks in May I will be opening up my studio along with many other artists at Ayres House Studios in Wallingford. I will continue working during that week on whatever I happen to be doing, sharing my work as an arts practitioner, my creative processes, studio paraphernalia and creative biproducts.

Some of my paintings have a background influence from growing up on the Isle of Wight exploring coast, plimsoll, plumb and horizon lines. There is a leveling effect to look as far as the eye can see. I think that's why I like walking, pottery or prioritising sound, it centres me in a similar way. My compositions are all processes of 'looking to be still' or 'to distil', whatever medium, form or subject I use, from painting, drawing, pottery, writing, recordings and collections. This year I will be working on pieces relating to cementing memory and memory loss.

A small selection of studio pieces, limited edition prints and pottery will be available to purchase from my studio, as well as through the Ayres House Studios online gallery www.ayreshousestudios.co.uk/gallery

Full and up to date exhibit information will be available at www.ayreshousestudios.co.uk/artweeks-2024.

Directions: Ayres Yard can be hard to spot from the road, turn in between the petrol station and ‘Keri' the Florist’ on Station Rd.

Parking: Available at 3 local carparks just 2 minutes walk from the studios (Limited parking is available onsite for those who require special consideration. Please email ayreshousestudios@gmail.com to reserve a parking space).


Ayres House Studios
Ayres Yard, Station Rd
OX10 0JZ
01865 819869
Facilities available: 
Open Studio, Demonstrations, Parking

Opening Dates and Times

May 2024
10.30am-4.30pm (8pm Fri / Closed Tues/Weds)