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What is a cookie

Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information which are downloaded to your device when you visit a website. Cookies are then sent back to the originating website on each subsequent visit, or to another website that recognises that cookie. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognise a user’s device. You can find more information about cookies at:

Cookies do lots of different jobs, like letting you navigate between pages efficiently, remembering your preferences, and generally improve the user experience.
They can also help to ensure that adverts you see online are more relevant to you and your interests.

Browser Where to find information about controlling cookies
Microsoft Bing
Safari Mobile: Mac:

Useful information

  • A number of websites provide detailed information on cookies, including AllAboutCookies
  • The Internet Advertising Bureau website Your Online Choices allows you to install opt-out cookies across different advertising networks
  • Google has developed a browser add-on to allow users to opt-out of Google Analytics across all websites which use this popular analytics product.
  • New technologies such as Mozilla's Do Not Track  allow you to tell websites not to track you.

Consent By using our website, you agree that we can place these types of cookies on your device.

Full cookie details

The cookies used on this website have been categorised based on the categories found in the ICC UK Cookie guide. A list of all the cookies used on this website by category is set out below.

Category 2: performance cookies

These cookies collect anonymous information on the pages visited.

Cookie Name Cookie Provider Expires After Description of Cookie
__atuvc AddThis 2 years Created and read by the AddThis social sharing site.
__utma Google 2 years This keeps track of the number of times a visitor has been to the site, when their first visit was, and when their last visit occurred.
__utmb Google 30 minutes Helps calculate how long a visit takes by collecting a timestamp of the exact moment in time when a visitor enters the site.
__utmc Google Session Legacy Google Analytics cookie. Now deprecated. This cookie helps calculate how long a visit takes by collecting a timestamp of the exact moment in time when a visitor leaves the site. It stays for 30 minutes for another pageview to happen, and if it doesn’t, it expires.
__utmz Google 6 months This keeps track of where the visitor came from, what search engine was used, what link was clicked on, what keywords used, and where in the world the site was accessed from.
c_user Facebook 1 month Contains the Facebook user ID of the currently logged in user.
datr Facebook 2 years Identify the web browser being used to connect to Facebook independent of the logged in user. This cookie plays a key role in Facebook’s security and site integrity features.
csm Facebook session
fr Facebook session
lu Facebook 2 years Used to manage how the login page is presented to the user. Several pieces of information are encoded within the lu cookie
xs Facebook 1 month Contains multiple pieces of information, separated by colon. The first value is an up to two-digit number representing the session number. The second portion of the value is a session secret. The third, optional component is a ‘secure’ flag for if the user has enabled the secure browsing feature.
locale Facebook 1 week Display locale of the last logged in user on this browser.
p Facebook session User’s channel partition and is required for many features on the Facebook site, including chat and client-side notifications.
presence Facebook session User’s chat state. For example, which chat tabs are open.
act Facebook session Timestamp + increasing counter of actions since the start of logging.

AddThis, Google and Facebook

Category 3: functionality cookies

These cookies remember choices you make to improve your experience.

Cookie Name Cookie Provider Expires After Description of Cookie
has_js Drupal Whether the user's browser supports Javascript
SESS... Drupal User tracking within site

And last but not least

We maintain a full biscuit barrel in the office and keep a record of our custard creams, ginger nuts and half-covered digestives preferences for future shopping orders.

Last updated: November 2021