Take your pick of 24 themed art trails

Enjoy taster videos summarising some of the Artweeks artists' art inspired by each theme before exploring artist galleries and video tours. (If, however, you would prefer to browse flip-book versions of the videos at your leisure instead, please visit the 'Art Trail Tasters' Bookcase.)

A Trip to the Coast
Take a trip to the coast to see the sparkling sea, secret coves and bobbing boats.

Adventures Abroad
Travel the world through the eyes of dozens of Oxfordshire artists.

Big, Bold & Beautiful
Be wowed by the beauty of big and bold art.

Celebrating Colour
Celebrate colour with a rainbow of hope created from the art of Oxfordshire artists.

Cityscapes and buildings
Explore citiescapes and architecture.

Elements of the Earth
Take a journey through a world of art from stone, clay and metal to pigments and gems.

Fantastic Beasts
Follow the imagination with fantastic beasts and fairytales through art.

Figures & Form
Explore the human figure and other shapes.

Home Comforts & Interior Design
Explore art and décor ideas to transform a home.

Horses, Hounds & Country Wildlife
Explore the animals of the British countryside: from horses, hounds and to the bird and the bees.

Inspired by the Past
Enjoy art that echoes with the past, inspired by history or museum collections.

Into The Woods
Take a stroll into the woods through art.

Local Landscapes
See the Oxfordshire countryside through the eyes of dozens of local artists.

Mountain and Moors
Take a trip into the mountains through art.

Oxford Afresh
See Oxford through the eyes of its resident artists.

Patterns at Play
Be intrigued and delighted by patterns in art.

Portraiture, pets and people
Explore people, pets, portraits and personalities.

Rivers and Lakes
Take a trip through art inspired by rivers, lakes and wonderful waterways.

Small is beautiful
See the delicate beauty of small things through art.

Still Life and Simple Pleasures
Explore simple pleasures through still life and other art.

Tactile Treasures
Delight in textured art treasures that call out to be touched.

The Garden
Enjoy a glorious garden.

Valuing Mother Nature
Celebrate the wonders of mother nature with art that reminds us to protect the planet.

A Whimsical Wonderland
Take a trip into Alice’s Wonderland through art.