Exhibition options


**In May 2025 the festival dates are as follows:
Oxford City May 3-11 (4th Bank Holiday)
South Oxfordshire 11-18
North Oxfordshire 17-26 (26th Bank Holiday)

All members are expected to either exhibit physically during the May festival OR to register a 'solo artist virtual exhibition' for the 2024 festival guide/artist directory (see the final choice in the table below) unless you are part of an amateur art group which has an organisational membership and you are exhibiting no more than three pieces of work. The fee for Membership of Artweeks for the year you are exhibiting is £27.50 per artist in 2023. Read the membership contract, before you sign up.

All pairs, trios and large group exhibitions will need an exhibition organiser. This person will then be responsible for checking all exhibiting artists have registered for Membership form before submitting the exhibition entry form(s) for the group.

We recommend all venues order a flag to hang outside, bunting or other promotional items if you don't have any from previous years.

Exhibition Options Guide book listing includes Fee
Solo Artist Artist’s name in the entry, one image and the artist’s name in the index, listed under one medium. Several artists may register a solo exhibition at the same venue. £120.00
Pair of Artists Artists' names in the entry, one image per entry, two media and the artists' names in the index. £170.00
Three Artists Artists' names in the entry, one image per entry, two-three media or 'Various' and the artists' names in the index. £240.00
Large Group
4+ artists
One large group name in bold as exhibition title, one image and one entry in the index. Every participating artist must be an individual member of Artweeks (unless in an amateur art group exhibiting three or fewer pieces of work - see below), and they will be included in the index linked to their group entry). For four artists, consider taking two 'Pair of Artists' listings instead. £299
Amateur Art Group
4+ artists
Strict rule of up to 3 pieces per artist may be displayed under the umbrella of the group's organisational membership. One large group name in bold as exhibition title, one image and one entry in the index:. (One organisational Artweeks membership required - with one artist portfolio for the whole group). £299
Businesses / Galleries One business/gallery name in bold, one image and one entry in the index. Businesses eligible include Oxfordshire galleries open all year round, and Oxfordshire business premises hosting art for Artweeks.'Pop-up’ galleries and sculpture gardens created for Artweeks should enter Artweeks as a Large Group. £330.00
Non-selling Group
This includes schools/community groups/charities.
No work in the exhibition should be for sale and this will be indicated in the guide. One group name in bold, one medium, one image and one entry in the index. £55.00
For the group
Solo artist virtual exhibition
with a listing in the festival guide.
Artists who are not exhibiting physically can have an entry in the additional artist directory pages in the festival guide, one image and the artist’s name in the index, and can then complete an on-line artist portfolio. £80.00
Bursaries A limited number of bursaries will be available at the discretion of the Board. The Artweeks bursary scheme is to fund a free exhibition entry to enable young artists to participate in Artweeks. Bursary applications are accepted from artists aged up to age 25, should include an explanation of the artist’s financial situation, their ideas of the Artweeks festival and a summary of what the artist hopes to achieve by participating. Applications should be submitted by the end of October.

Before registering your exhibition you'll first need to sign up for membership.
On-line membership applications
It's simple, sign-in to the website (you will then be emailed a link to verify your account), complete your form on-line and pay via PayPal (which accepts credit cards. If you have any difficulty with this, please call the office.)

Once you have registered for membership you can then complete an exhibition entry form here
Large group exhibition entries should only be submitted by the group organiser once all the participating artists have registered for membership.

Applying by post
Paper forms are automatically sent out to existing postal members towards the end of September; they are also available by request from the Artweeks office or may be downloaded here.
1. Download the 2023 Artweeks membership form, 2023 Festival entry form and guidance notes, or contact us to request the forms. 2. Fill in and complete. 3. Include your cheque, made payable to Oxfordshire Visual Arts Festival Limited. 4. Send to: Oxfordshire Artweeks, c/o 8 Hazel Road, Oxford, Oxon, OX2 9LF
Group entries: if you are exhibiting as part of a small or large group, you should ideally give your form & fee to your exhibition group coordinator to send in together.