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The dates for NEXT YEAR'S Artweeks festival - 2024 - are 4th-27th May 2024, with a regional focus on North/West Oxfordshire (4th-12th May 2024), Oxford city (11th-19th May 2024) and South Oxfordshire & the Vale (18th-27th May 2024), . You will be able to register here between 1st October & 31st December 2023.
The deadline for registering for the May festival is 31st December. We are unable to accept late entries.

Artweeks is an artists' organisation which provides opportunities for Oxfordshire artists and designer-makers with a flagship event in May, a festival of open studios and pop-up exhibitions across the county, and a general Christmas Season. Anyone can take part if they live or work in Oxfordshire or are a member of an established Oxfordshire based art group, society or guild. If you would like to exhibit, you need to register as an Artweeks member, find a venue for your exhibition and sign up to exhibit either as a solo artist or as part of a group exhibition using the on-line registration system. All members are expected to exhibit as part of the May festival or (new for 2022) take a virtual listing in the annual festival guide and artist directory.

Many Artweeks members who exhibit as part of the May festival also hold or participate in other shows or may runs workshops thoughout the year. Details of these can be entered in an individual's artist portfolio on this website. The Artweeks website also hosts a spring and winter on-line show for members and, in November-December, a listing of Christmas events in which Arweeks artists are participating.