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Terms and Conditions of Sale

Definition of Services: A one-year Membership of Artweeks, a one-year inclusion in the Artweeks Art Showcase and other general promotions. An Exhibition entry that includes inclusion in the festival guide for the following Artweeks and the right to hold an Artweeks exhibition as part of the Artweeks festival.

Definition of Goods: Flags and bunting, and other merchandise advertised on this website.
When you book Services or Goods online you must ensure the details you enter are both correct and accurate.
If you are making an Exhibition entry on behalf of a party/group, you are responsible for all payments due from the party/group and must ensure the party/group is made aware of these terms and conditions of sale.
For Exhibition entries, please check your entry details carefully before payment, and notify Oxford Visual Arts Festival Limited as soon as reasonably possible if the event/date/time is not as you expected.
On-line orders for Services can be cancelled within seven days of placing the order by emailing artweeks@artweeks.org
Work on the festival begins in the September of the preceding year and work on the production of the Guide begins in January: if you find you are unable to exhibit for whatever reason, Oxford Visual Arts Festival Limited will not provide a refund of your Exhibition entry. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that all details sent to us on your entry form are accurately transferred to the festival guide, Oxford Visual Arts Festival Limited cannot be held liable for mistakes. If, for some reason, entries are missed or fundamentally incorrect (so as to seriously affect the exhibition's success), the company will offer either a re fund or a free entry in next year's guide by way of compensation.

When you purchase Goods or Services through Artweek’s on-line system, your contact, order and payment details will be held by Artweeks to administer the festival guide and goods provision. The information is held for administrative and statistical purposes only. We will not contact you to inform you of a material alteration to the merchandise or event. In line with current data protection law, your details will only be passed to third party organisations if you have agreed to this. Payment is made by Paypal.

Members are entitled to one free copy of the Guide which will be available from Artweeks distribution points in April. Additional copies of the free guide can be ordered on-line and there is a £3.50 charge for handling and postage. These copies will be sent out by second class post in April. Flags, bunting and other pre-ordered merchandise will also be available for collection from Artweeks distribution points in April.

Oxford Visual Arts festival makes every effort to supply the goods as advertised but reserves the right to supply alternative goods. In such a case, if the Customer does not wish to accept the alternative goods offered, he or she may cancel the order and require the refund of any money paid to Oxford Visual Arts Festival in respect of that order, including carriage charges. This shall be the sole remedy of the Customer in these circumstances. If any goods are deemed to have defects the Customer should return the faulty goods to Oxford Visual Arts Festival Limited who will replace the item on grounds of fault.

Contracts for the purchase of goods by a Customer through the Artweeks website are subject to The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 ('the Regulations'). Customers may cancel Goods purchased from Oxford Visual Arts Festival Limited by sending a written notice of cancellation by registered post to:

Oxfordshire Artweeks
8 Hazel Road Oxford OX2 9LF

Please note that email is not a guaranteed service hence must not be used for this communication. The notice of cancellation must be delivered within 7 working days of the day after date of delivery of the goods and the goods must be returned to Oxford Visual Arts festival Limited within 14 days of delivery. The Customer will be responsible for the cost of returning the goods if he or she exercises this right of cancellation under the Regulations. The Customer is under a duty to retain possession of the goods whilst awaiting return to Oxford Visual Arts Festival Limited and to take reasonable care of them during this period. The Customer will be liable for any loss of or damage to the goods if he or she fails to comply with this obligation.

Oxford Visual Arts Festival Limited is committed to providing quality Services and Goods. If you have any comments, please contact the Festival Director on esther@artweeks.org. She will be happy to discuss these with you.