Ruth Swain OAS | Kashmira Patel WOA

Watercolour portrait with pots on show
Jericho - City
Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Paper, Pottery

Ruth is an award-winning portrait, figurative and still-life artist
An O.A.S committee member, exhibiting regularly in Oxfordshire and London. Current work on show in The Hari Hotel Belgravia.
She worked in London, Hong Kong and New York as an advertising art director and illustrator and brings this influence into her paintings using visual ideas, and humour to enhance her work. Appeared on Portrait Artist of the Year 2021.
Ruth uses the idea of Still-Life as a form of portraiture, focussing on women’s lives, making their often-invisible work more visible by elevating the ordinary and mundane. She finds beauty in the minutiae of everyday life.
She paints in oil, pastel and watercolour.
Ruth wants to evoke an emotion, a wry smile, perhaps a tear, be playful, be serious, show love.
She is a people person, they fascinate and inspire her to create.

I love to work with my hands - infusing life and strength into the ceramics I create. My forms abound with strength and energy, and organically goes with the 'flow' -  as I like to play with the clay and let it take form with shapes and textures as I go along. My creations stem from a single idea in mind, in a process that is not methodical, led by the heart and feelings. Aiming to be imperfectly perfect, with rough and smooth textures, my works are tactile, symbolic, and intriguing to the viewer.
My passion with clay evolved after many years of brush stroking techniques on bisque ware. I love creating organic forms, defying the normal structures of figurines, bowls or any other daily use items..I find that working with oxides, greens and blues give me a great sense of staying connected to the earth and water and my works emerge as grounded and minimal pieces that meld with nature. Groggy surfaces that contrast with smooth and crackle glazes. My inspiration also comes from the Japanese philosophy of ‘wabi-sabi’ –‘ imperfectly perfect’.
My sculptures tend be linear, feminine with sense of flow and energy in them. Modern Art Oxford, Oxford Art Society, West Ox Arts are venues where my sculptures and ceramics have been displayed.


18 Walton Street
07817 587359
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May 2023