Membership details

Membership is currently £27.50. Once you have read the contract below, sign up here.
To take part in the festival, you also need to register a venue/exhibition or be part of a large group exhibition. (See the options here).

We also ask that every member commits to distibuting a minumum of 25 festival guide in their local area during April/early May; that every venue has clear signage and a friendly welcome; and that all members uphold the good standards & reputation of Artweeks.

ALL members must agree to the following statement:
“I hereby apply to become a member of the Oxford Visual Arts Festival Limited, a company limited by guarantee, as specified in the Memorandum and Articles of Association, as an individual or on behalf of a group, subject to the rules specified by the Directors. I understand that I have a maximum liability of £1 (one pound) in the event that the Company should it be wound up and there remains a shortfall of liabilities over assets at that time.”

The Company
Oxford Visual Arts Festival Limited” (known as “Oxfordshire Artweeks”) was formed in 1981 and is now one of the largest Open Studio Festivals of visual arts in the country. It is directed by a non-executive Board whose members are interested or involved in visual arts and crafts throughout Oxfordshire and organised by a part-time executive director and an administrator who are appointed by the Board. “Oxfordshire Artweeks” refers to the three week, non-selective festival of art which takes place annually, across the county, normally in May. Our Limited company number is 3835574.

The organisation became a company, limited by guarantee in 1999, with all participating artists becoming members of the company. All participating artists must be a current member of Oxfordshire Artweeks, for the year they are exhibiting. Only members of the company are entitled to take part in the annual Oxfordshire Artweeks’ festival. All members are expected to exhibit at one or more May venues. For those who wish to become a member to exhibit virtually instead of in a physical venue, you will be asked to pay a 'virtual exhibition' surcharge and should contact the office.

Artweeks is non-selective and open to all artists living or working in Oxfordshire or artists that have a studio in Oxfordshire. Artweeks is also open to artists that live outside the county but are members of an established Oxfordshire based art group, society or guild.

Membership includes:
The Company undertakes to enter artists’ exhibition details into the festival Guide, to widely publicise the event and supply participants with publicity material. Membership also brings the benefits of regular newsletters, the opportunity to meet other local artists, the benefit of the member’s artist portfolio (available to members registering on-line only) and the right to elect new Board members at the Annual General Meeting. Membership is renewable annually for the year commencing 1st January.

Membership is currently £27.50. Sign up for membership here.
To take part in the festival, you also need to register a venue/exhibition or be part of a large group exhibition. See Exhibition Options.