Luca Hirst | B Hodgett

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Oxford East - City
Multidisciplinary, Paper, Photography, Printmaking, Textiles

B and Luca are friends, found family, and housemates who are always looking to make something. Our practice overlaps in a home- and craft-based explorative approach, focused on fun and experimentation. The mediums we work with range from kitchen lithography to crochet.

B currently specialises in print experiments and in improv-pieced hand quilting with a beautifully instinctive colour palette and textural approach. They approach subjects of geography and natural elements of landscape, influenced by their archaeological background – which has recently sparked a new project of pottery in foraged clay. The textures and colours of their hand quilting practice also spill over into their visible mending and garment embellishment work, forming a functional collection of thrifted and reworked pieces.

Luca is working from a foundation in embroidery and handicraft, creating art that you can touch to inspire a felt sense of connection and joy. He prefers daily-life craft that fosters connection. Previous strands of practice have woven street art together with textiles, but he is now focusing on tattooing, and producing both personal and collaborative zines. He also facilitates zine workshops (with @imperfectboundcollective; supporting the public to explore collage and a playful approach to making and self-expression. His latest zine work celebrates queer domestic intimacy. He is also developing his clothesmaking skills, exploring outside gender and focusing on crafting garments in colours, textures, and silhouettes not readily available to him in (western) menswear.

The venue is directly on St Clements, green door marked 54a, just knock! Unfortunately we are not wheelchair accessible, apologies. Any questions please ask.


54a St Clements
Facilities available: 

Opening Dates and Times

May 2024
12-6pm (Sat/Sun), 12-8pm (Thurs/Fri)