Emma Baldwin | Lou Sharpe

Emma Baldwin Ceramics and Lou Sharpe Paintings
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Oxford East - City
Ceramics, Painting

Emma Baldwin - I was first introduced to clay at school aged 14 and have been working with it on and off ever since.
I studied ceramics at Bristol Polytechnic in 1992, where I had the privilege to be taught by both Walter Keeler and Mo Jupp - two truly inspiring potters.
Jump forward 30 years, after teaching and running an Art Foundation course at Abingdon and Witney College, I am now a full time potter. I started off with hand-built forms working on the kitchen table before combining hand-built and wheel-thrown forms. I now almost exclusively produce wheel-thrown vessels.
I enjoy making both functional and sculptural forms. My inspiration for form comes from both contemporary and historical sources.
I apply colour through the glazing process to accentuate the shape but also to find expression within the reactions triggered by overlapping the glazes. I work with slips, underglazes, and oxides to achieve reactive and textured surfaces.
Lou Sharpe - Original Inks on Paper
I am fascinated by and have always used the process of ‘Automatic drawing’ in my work.
Drawing with a completely free hand brings the subconscious quite literally ‘onto’ the surface and helps remove rational control.
Rhythm and repetition are also important parts of the processes I use, I will always have music playing when I work.
The line work can be calm and singular perhaps solitary or when overlaid becomes frenetic and rhythmical.
My natural impulse is to create balance on the paper but by using carbon paper to create the line work I can remove some of that control.
The brush work by contrast is more deliberate but I have found when using Acrylic inks there is a wonderful element of chance with how they behave on the paper.


40 Chester Street
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May 2024