Debbie Page OCG, WOA

red and black spherical vessel with ragged rim

Handbuilding potter, who is fascinated by all things lunar, inspired by Korean Moon Jars,compelled to coil clay and explore the possibilities
with colour and smoke.

Debbie has always been fascinated by the Moon since watching the Apollo Moon missions as a child. She became entranced by the traditional Korean Moon Jar during a City & Guilds course and takes inspiration from the simple strong form of the sphere and the not quite perfect white surfaces. She explores the possibilities arising from the combination of glaze and smoke working together. By smoke firing Moon Jars that have been glaze fired – with areas of the surface left glaze free to absorb the smoke, she creates wonderful contrasts between the colourful, shiny glazes and the matt smoke effects. She calls this technique ‘Smoke-on-Glaze’. She also raku fires – preferring heavy carbonisation of naked clay alongside highly coloured glazes.

Her Moon Jars are hand built – using coils and hemi-spherical moulds. She uses white earthenware clay and a small palette of crackle glazes. Glaze is applied using natural sponges. Debbie has been playing with texture on recently made Moon Jars - adding 'ribs' the the surfaces, by teasing the clay up & out. This has the interesting effect of making the Moon Jar seem lighter than it appears - an optical illusion.

Occasionally she opens up the spherical form by tearing the leather hard clay, exposing the interior of the sphere, giving another surface to play with.

Her work is available from her website shop. She is a regular exhibitor in Oxfordshire Art Weeks, Henley Arts Trail and other open studio events. She is a member of the London Potters, Oxfordshire Craft Guild, West Oxon Arts and West Forest Potters.

She has a City & Guilds Diploma in Creative Techniques: Ceramics and teaches at adult education classes at Woodley Hill House, Woodley and New Directions college, Reading, Oxfordshire Arts with freelance workshops at Ardington School of Craft, Oxford Summer School and Micklem’s Farm.

Contact details

07802 347943