Peter Haxworth

Peter Haxworth - City North - Port Kalomo Ithaca
Summertown - City
Drawing, Painting, Sculpture

When away from home, I always carry a compact sketchbook with me, pencil, and very small water colour box. Indeed, for many years the need to record scenes at speed - to keep the Family happy - fostered the wearing of shirts with large patch pockets, with the sketchbook front left and the paint box on the right. However this means that the images have a certain immediacy about them and they can certainly not be said to be overworked! The resulting images translate effectively into Glicée Prints and it is a selection of these that I am showing. The images result from visits to the UK, other parts of Europe and Africa.

The presence of an unsightly drainage cover in our garden promoted the idea of a sculpture to stand on it and hide it. I made the first scale model from 5mm Foamboard and so enjoyed the process that I continued by developing seven more designs, all in the same material, making a collection of eight in all. I made timber moulds for a garden-size sculpture and a Family member advised and assisted in casting them in concrete including the necessary steel-mesh reinforcements. Following this, I continued by making all eight designs in 10mm White Acrylic, as "Table Sculptures". This required technical drawings of every component, laser-cutting of the acrylic material, hand finishing all edges and assembling each design. The whole collection consists of assembled flat panels and clearly sculptures in other flat-panel materials and to a different scale, could be developed.

The "Oxford Let Down" Water Colour Colour Collection results from my heartfelt disapproval of a number of buildings that have been built in Oxford in the last 5 - 7 decades. There are twelve images in all and each painting shows one of the buildings that we could do without. Our post-war record of urban redevelopment in the UK is strikingly poor, with many sound buildings being demolished, which could have been saved.
Accompanying text giving the reasons for my views, will be available during Artweeks in May 2023. Giclée prints of this alternative view of our City will provide a contrast to the ubiquitous availability of our revered and justly much-visited buildings such as the Radcliffe Camera and the Colleges.


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