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Wallingford - South & Vale
Painting, Sculpture

A group of six artists exhibiting a new collection titled SYNCHRONICITY in a beautiful barn gallery at Clumps Orchard in Little Wittenham.

SYNCHRONICITY reflects the notion that all art allows for the possibility of improvisation, chance or accidental creation ie the artist discovers inspiration in a place they might never have thought to look initially. In this show each artist responds to Synchronicity in their own individual way.

Liz Gascoigne
Liz’s abstract paintings often include naturalistic plant and bud shapes; so she was fascinated to discover similar ice bauble shapes were forming on each blade of grass when a stand pipe burst during a recent icy spell, this inspired her to paint Grass Baubles.

John Hazel
John’s ‘accidental inspiration’ was the unintentional spillage of graphite and pencil shavings on an open page of his sketchbook. The intriguing shapes, textures and tones formed from subsequent manipulation, pointed the direction he followed.

Sheri Hill
Sheri likes to leave room for the painting process to twist and turn, to reveal something unexpected. It can be as simple as rotating the canvas in a different direction, throwing, dripping, or pulling back layers of paint to uncover forgotten marks.
Usha Kar
Usha feels Synchronicity is an ethereal coming together.

Jacqueline McLaurin
Most of Jacqueline’s work relies on associations of ideas and there is a certain synchronicity in her juxtaposition of 3D figures in a peculiar ensemble or context.

Sue Wharton
A couple of Sue’s friends described how their allotments and gardens had preserved their sanity during the pandemic; coincidentally this chimed well with Sue’s own intention to create some artwork on the benefits and joys of allotments.


Clumps Orchard
Little Wittenham
OX14 4RE
01865 407572
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Accessible for Wheelchairs, Open Studio, Parking

Opening Dates and Times

May 2023