Buckland Village Artists

Gabriella Anouk's stunning hyperrealism drawing 'Banana Blue' - Slime Series
Faringdon - South & Vale
Ceramics, Drawing, Furniture, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Pottery, Sculpture

GABRIELLA ANOUK: https://www.gabriellaanouk.com/
Gabriella is currently practicing hyperrealism drawing using colouring pencils. Her work is influenced by finding beauty in the mundane and then distorting it in an unnatural way.

DOMINIC REID: Dominic will premiere his exhibition "The Far End of The Black". Through his art, he expresses his lonely journey navigating mental health, psychosis & beyond. "The Far End Of The Black" captures his pain, hope and glory. His work is beautifully symbolic and highlights a young man's courage of finding light in dark times.

MIN REID: https://www.minreid.com/ Min is an award-winning filmmaker, professional photographer and sculptor. "I love the beauty of sculpting clay and letting my intuition guide me. Sculpting to me, is a very sensual and emotional experience. I love sculpting animals and capturing their presence and personalities."

KERRY SPURRY: https://www.velvetandenvy.com/ Kerry is a designer and creator exhibiting statement furniture pieces, and ceramic sculpture for the home and garden.

SUE DOUGLAS: My artwork consists of oil paintings,mostly landscape and abstract some portrait and life studies, photography and sculpture.

SIMONE STAKENBURG: Simone is a Dutch artist, originally from Rotterdam, who loves working with clay and natural products to create objects with her formative hands.

LIZ OFFEN: As a painter and illustrator I’m in love with all painting and drawing media. I connect with different types of painting tools and paint, depending on the visual experiences that have excited me. Sometimes it’s colour, sometimes it’s texture and a connection to the natural world and the sea.

HELEN GREENE: Helen trained and worked for many years in textile design using natural fibres but more recently has followed her passion for Sculpture and Painting. Helen is inspired by nature and feel's that art should portray a meaningful connection with the world in which we live. Her sculpture is a way of expressing her response to the subject. https://www.helengreeneart.com/

Children from Buckland CE School will be exhibiting their Collograph prints inspired by the theme of Nature. Collograph is a multimedia print making process which results in a fascinating range of designs and prints - it translates to 'glue drawing' and is an exciting technique to explore!


St. George's Church
St. George's Road
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May 2023