Announcing the 2024 Mary Moser prize winner

Submitted by Esther Lafferty on Thu, 01/02/2024 - 8:25am

Introducing Printmaker Sally-Anne Stewart

Printmaker Sally-Anne Stewart is the winner of the 2024 Artweeks Mary Moser Award, an annual award established to honour the late Mary Moser’s commitment to Artweeks and to further the career of a professional artist who has taken up art as a second career later in life. Originally a journalist, whilst developing her career in PR and communications at Oxford University, Sally learnt how to make linocut prints in her spare time. Having discovered a passion for printmaking, at the end of 2020, she took the plunge to became a full-time artist.

Sally’s art is largely inspired by the natural world, trees, plants and fungi. She also loves the places where people meet the environment, as children play in the waves, a rowing boat cuts across the surface of the water or a thoughtful swimmer contemplates the water on the edge of a turquoise lido.

“I’m finding myself increasingly drawn to urban architecture and my latest piece is of the 1960s brutalist buildings of Oxford’s St Catherine’s College,” says Sally. “In my work I prefer the bold straight lines of modern designs over the iconic, the ornate and the decorative.”

Now, in addition to creating her own work, Sally runs regular linocut classes and has started a podcast, Art Musings with another East Oxford Artweeks artist Carole Theriault in which they ask a variety of artists about their loves, learnings, fears and hopes as they negotiate the art world.

Where to visit Sally in 2024