Meet fibre artist Ushma Sargeant

as published in (Faringdon Town mag Spring 2024)

Living on the Ridgeway National Trail, where Wiltshire and Oxfordshire meet, Ushma Sargeant creates evocative textile art reflecting the stunning landscapes which surround her and exploring the subject of mental health through her art.
Ushma says of the Ridgeway, “you can see for miles, and I can’t get over the changeability of the views; the light can change in minutes altering the view completely. You can stand with a camera taking a dozen pictures in ten minutes to find they look like different scenes, the changing seasons are fascinating as well, with seasonal flowering bringing dramatic colours into the landscape.” This inconsistency is an interesting contrast in a place with such a long history, where the essence of the view has remained the same for centuries.

Download the full piece as a pdf below.