Painterly Portraits course with Robin Danely with OVADA

Venue, Timing, Cost

Saturday, 13 May 2023 to Saturday, 3 June 2023
£150 (Pay Less and Pay it Forward options available)

Painterly Portraits, with Robin Danely

When? Saturdays 13th May – 3rd June, 10-1pm, with 15 minute tea break

What? This four-week workshop series will focus on techniques in portrait painting in oils, for beginner to intermediate painters. We will cover basic colour theory, paint mixing and application, and how to use value to render our subject in a realistic way. We will experiment with the primary colour palette and the Zorn palette, and will try a variety of painting techniques. We will also explore the use of brushwork to keep the subject dynamic and painterly.

Robin will give a demonstration in the morning, and participants will work on individual compositions for the remainder of the workshop, with a short break if needed. We will be working from photographs, as opposed to having a live model, so please bring a reference photo of your subject for each session. It can be the same reference image or different ones each week. Your photo should feature your subject in natural lighting, with no harsh shadows or big toothy smiles. Some paints and surfaces will be available, but try to bring as many of the suggested materials as you can.

Who? For beginner to intermediate painters; experience helpful but not required. Age 16+ (under 18s should attend with an adult). Max group size: 10

How? Purchase above or contact for more info. Standard Cost: £150 / Pay Less: £120 / Pay more: £180

Materials: Some paints and surfaces will be available, but try to bring as many of the suggested materials as you can (see the course info page at

Meet the Facilitator: Robin has been painting for over 20 years, and has been a professional portrait artist for 10 years. She is motivated by a love of the paint itself and the tactile pleasure of exploring what it can achieve — she loves describing a face or a moment or an everyday object in paint. Robin can’t decide what she loves most, faces or flowers or pretty glass that catches the light, so she does some of each. IG: @robindanely FB: Fingerfold Portraits by Robin Danely

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