Introduction to Table Loom Weaving with Cassandra Smith

Venue, Timing, Cost

The Oxford Weaving Studio
Thursday, 7 March 2024 to Friday, 8 March 2024
9:30 - 16:30
Woman holding a weaving shuttle and stood beside a table loom, making handwoven cloth

Skill Level: Beginners

Learn hand-weaving using all the equipment, tools, materials and processes necessary to create hand-woven textiles in our popular Introduction to Table Loom Weaving workshop! This 2-day workshop offers a small group of just 8 students the rare opportunity to learn how to weave from an experienced weaver working in the field of contemporary weaving and be inspired to create some wonderful hand-woven samples of their own!

What will students learn?

On the first day of this beginner workshop students will learn and practice the fundamentals of hand-weaving by setting up a warp for a table loom. Under our guidance they will learn what it means to design and wind a warp, dress a loom, thread heddles, reed and tie on a warp. Students will be encouraged to support each other at each step of this process.

On day two of the workshop students will explore different materials and learn to create patterns, demonstrating how different combinations can effect the outcome of a woven sample. Students will then work at their loom, following basic patterns, developing their own and will weave their own fabric. There will be plenty of time to ask questions, explore different materials, troubleshoot and develop a beautiful, handwoven cloth that follows their own design aesthetic.

A short lunch break will be taken at a convenient time for participants on both days, with students bringing their own lunch or purchasing something from The Hayfield Deli across from the studio. Refreshments such as tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

Students will also have access to our library of weaving books and our incredible selection of weaving yarns and fabric samples to use as inspiration. We will discuss different types of handwoven fabric and their uses and welcome students to bring in any resources they feel will help enhance their experience.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is suitable for beginners who have little or no experience with weaving or those who need a reminder of the basics of how to set up a table loom.

If you're still not sure what you can achieve by handweaving on a table loom, then check out our blog posts that help you to understand the 2 main types of weaving. Check out What is Tapestry Weaving? and What is Handweaving?

What type of looms do we weave on?

We currently have 4 looms available in the studio for students to use. We have 3 Harris Table Looms and 1 Swedish Tojikvaala Loom. They all have a different number of shafts, but for this workshop we will only be using 4 shafts to keep things simple.

We also now have the opportunity for 4 students to bring their own loom to the workshop! This is an exciting way to learn how to set up and weave on your own loom, especially since you will then have a warp set up to weave on and complete in your own time.

You will need to have a table loom or Rigid Heddle Loom (RHL) for this workshop (not a Frame Loom) as we will be teaching how to wind and set up a warp for table looms only, including the simpler warp set up for RHL users. You would also need to bring your own reed, sticks, warping frame (if available) and accessories so you have everything necessary to bring home with you at the end of the workshop.

We will provide you with a list of all the equipment and materials you will need for this workshop if you are booking the OWN LOOM option. We will provide the yarn.

Workshop Dates:

March 7th & 8th 2024 (Thursday & Friday)

Workshop Location:

Workshops are held in our studio, within the Makespace Oxford building.

What’s included:

* 2 full days of tuition (9:30 - 16:30)
* Dedicated access to a 4-shaft table-loom during the 2 day workshop OR *NEW* Bring your table own loom!
* All yarns and materials
* Weaving notes as per the session
* Refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits)
* Guaranteed fun in a relaxed environment

What is not included:

* Lunch (you are free to bring your own or purchase something delicious from The Hayfield Deli across from the studio)
* Accommodation

Cassandra Smith