Contemporary Handwoven Scarf Workshop on a Table Loom with Cassandra Smith

Venue, Timing, Cost

The Oxford Weaving Studio
Wednesday, 28 February 2024 to Friday, 1 March 2024
9:30 - 16:30
Three chunky handwoven scarves featuring wool roving hanging from a rail

Join us for this fun, project-based workshop by designing, weaving and personalising your own handwoven scarf on a Table Loom!
Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate
What will I learn?

In this fun & fast-paced, 3-day workshop students will be designing and hand-weaving a contemporary scarf on a pre-warped table loom.

Working with an array of gorgeous materials from our vast stock in the studio and our available pattern templates, students will get a crash course in textile design before moving on to sketching out their design and selecting their preferred materials. They will then be given instructions on how to weave on a table loom, working with 4, 8 or 16 shafts and following their unique pattern to weave each row of the design.

Students will weave their scarf, remove it from the loom, learn how to work with handwoven cloth and prepare it for sewing with an overlocker, finishing it off with one of a variety of finishing techniques. They will then learn the steps to wash their scarf and care for it once they have left the studio.

Throughout their time in the studio students will be given guidance on how to weave effectively and efficiently, with tips and tricks on how to ensure their handwoven cloth is durable, whilst also having the intended drape and handle.

Over the course of the 3 days, students will gain knowledge of table looms and learn practical weaving skills:

Understand the mechanics of a table loom and its parts
How to select and prepare yarns and fibres for weaving
Learn how to read & adapt weaving patterns
Learn basic tapestry and hand-weaving techniques
Learn new techniques & patterns on 4, 8 or 16 shafts
Understand how to handle and sew handwoven cloth
Learn the importance of finishing techniques for products
Learn how to wash and care for handwoven cushions
Who is this workshop for?

This workshop would suit those new to, or familiar with hand-weaving on a table loom and are looking to hone their craft skills by weaving a practical fashion project. This is a practical workshop and participants will be weaving for 3 days, with the basic outline as follows:

Day 1: Selecting & Adapting a Pattern, Preparing Yarns & Fibres, Commence Weaving

Day 2: Weaving with Consistency, Advancing the Warp, Trouble-Shooting

Day 3: Weaving, Cutting & Overlocking the Fabric, Finishing Techniques, Learning how to Wash & Care for the Cushion

The workshop is designed to be fun and engaging, enabling students to get to know their fellow workshop participants while learning all the weaving tips and tricks needed to complete a product. They will have the opportunity to express themselves while learning at their own pace. Typical class sizes hold a maximum of 8 students so there will be plenty of individual attention to help students hone their skills.

Looms & Equipment

Students have the option to use one of our table looms in the studio or to bring their own. We have 4 looms available with different widths and numbers of shafts. If using one of our table looms, we will try and tailor the experience of the weaver with the correct loom, keeping the complexity to a minimum for beginners and challenging more experienced weavers. This will mean that students will finish in their own time. There is no pressure! =)

We also have space for 4 students to bring their own table loom to weave this project. If selecting this option, we will confirm that the loom is suitable for this workshop in advance to ensure that everyone will be able to follow at the same pace. If you would like to enquire about this option, please contact us.

Warp Set Up:

Students booking one of our looms will have the warp already set up for them, unless they wish to carry out this stage too. If so, they can book onto our new, 1-Day Loom Set Up workshop to give those who need practice with this stage of the weaving process the opportunity. More information and dates for this workshop can be found here.

Students bringing their own loom will also need to have the warp set up in advance. If a student has never warped their loom, then we suggest that they join our Intro to Table Loom Weaving workshop to learn how to set up a loom.

If the student has had experience but needs a refresher, they too can book onto our 1-Day Loom Set Up workshop.

If the student would like to set up their loom at home, then we will provide the technical notes in advance of the workshop for this purpose, along with the warp yarn needed.

Workshop Location:

All workshops are held in beautiful Oxford, where our studio backs onto the Oxford Canal and is a stones throw from central Oxford, train & bus stations and on the edge of the thriving Jericho community.

The workshop itself will be held in our studio or the gallery space of the Makespace Oxford building (space permitting).

For those wishing to stay overnight in Oxford and experience what the great city has to offer, we can offer some advice on where to stay and what to do. Get in touch! =)

Available Dates:

This workshop is being held in two formats to allow participants the option to work intensively over a period of a week or join us in the studio on a weekly basis, over a period of 4 weeks.

INTENSIVE: Wednesday - Friday, February 28th - March 1st, 2024

What’s included:

* 3 Full days of tuition
* All yarns & fibres for creating the scarf (£75 value)
* Dedicated access to a table loom for the duration of the workshop (Studio Loom option only)
* Refreshments (Tea, Coffee & biscuits)

What's not included:

* Lunch (we request that you bring a lunch on the day or purchase something from The Hayfield Deli across from the studio)
* Accommodation
* Table loom access (Own Loom Option)

Cassandra Smith