ANYTHING BUT GREEN with Ella Clocksin

Venue, Timing, Cost

Waterperry Gardens, near Wheatley OX33 1LA
Thursday, 6 July 2023
10am - 4pm
£89. Includes all drawing and watercolour paper, coffee/tea etc
Abstract watercolour painting in blue purple


Experiment with eliminating green from landscape paintings altogether, because English landscape paintings don’t have to be green!

By using less literal, i.e. abstract, colour to create mood and atmosphere, you’ll enhance your sensitivity to colour relationships overall as you work without the demands of colour-matching your paints to the landscape’s exact colours.

- Can be booked singly or in any combination with other days in this series.
- Identifies one aspect of painting practice as a starting point, with an openness about the end point.
- Begins in the studio, moves outside to work directly from landscape (in the broadest sense) then most people choose to paint back at the studio.
- Is taught in watercolour with mixed media drawing, working directly from varied landscapes at Waterperry Gardens.
- Is suitable for anyone age 19+ (including enthusiastic beginners) able to work from 3D subject matter and happy to experiment. Less experienced artists must be able to carry on drawing or painting without step-by-step guidance or working from a tutor’s example. There’s no house style - we want you to develop your own :-)

Ella has 25 years’ teaching experience of identifying painting issues to focus on and demystifying what artists do. She offers generous input and specific one-to-one feedback for artists who enjoy experimental work and want to progress, whatever your current starting point.

Workshops typically include: short demonstrations of relevant processes, a mix of exercises and independent painting and an encouraging atmosphere, enriched by wider art/visual culture references and individual feedback.

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Ella Clocksin