Valentina Gonzalez

This listing is from the 2022 Festival.

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Didcot- South & Vale
Mixed Media

As a creative I always envisioned studying Arts but due to a series of coincidences I became an Architect. After finishing my degree I decided to leave sunny Spain and go and explore unknown land. In 2015 I landed in the UK and soon after that I started a journey of self discovery and reconnection with my creative side.
Art gives me the perfect balance in life. Painting and sketching presents different challenges and keeps my mind active and free. They offer that tactile and playful experience that the computer can’t.
Over the years Architecture and Arts have both found a place in me and I believe they compliment and nourish each other. My art practice is highly influenced by urbanism, geometric drawing and topographic maps.
My artistic voice is under constant development, always in search of a true expression of my inner self.

I work mainly with acrylic paint and tend to develop several paintings at the same time. I get bored very easily so I am always trying new materials or new ways to compose a painting. My process is all about trial and error: if I enjoy it, I keep it, if not, I jump on to the next thing.
Lately I have been experimenting with collage and introducing more line drawing into my work. Aerial views showing the structure of the world around us inspire me. I really enjoy sketching during my travels and I keep a sketchbook full of memories.
I start my paintings with no particular direction or structure and I love to discover how they evolve and surprise me. I love discovering new exciting ways to create an artwork, letting the materials or the design lead my hand to the next stroke.


33 Cornflower Close
OX11 6ES
07763 050384
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Demonstrations, Refreshments, Parking

Opening Dates and Times

May 2022