Sharon Rich WOA

"Moonlight Magic" Limestone & Stained Glass Sculpture by Sharon Rich
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Faringdon - South & Vale

My journey with art began at a very young age. I lost the path for many years whilst building my life. After my childhood ended, I qualified as a Veterinary Nurse and directed my attention towards animals. It was only after my children grew up that I found Art again and began my creative journey properly.
Stone sculpture is not the form of art I imagined myself doing but after a series of local stone carving workshops, I was hooked!
My skills are learnt from workshops, courses and experiment. All of my work really comes from the heart, from where I grew up in Celtic Cornwall. As a child, my imagination soared with the inspiration of my surroundings - bleak moorland, granite outcrops, mystical ancient woodlands flowing down the valleys towards the sea. Stories of old from brave knights to Merlin - I think you can see where I'm coming from! Animals and nature feature massively in my work. I have always had animals in my life from pets to farm animals and wildlife.
Further artistic inspiration evolves from those wonderful carved Celtic Crosses and ancient Churches in North Cornwall. I couldn't help being drawn by the beauty of the stained glass windows against the stone. So more recently I have been training and still continue to develop as a stained glass artist.
For me this a wonderful hobby and escape to a different world.
I am constantly experimenting with different types of art. Every time I exhibit my work I bravely wear my heart on my sleeve and feel like I am stepping into the unknown.
I look forward to welcoming you here and hope you discover something you love!


Henleaze Farm Bungalow
(B4508 next to Farmer Gow's)
Fernham, Nr Faringdon
07790 369319
Facilities available: 
Open Studio, Demonstrations, Parking

Opening Dates and Times

May 2023
11am-6pm (Mon-Thur 2-5pm)