Charlotte Houlihan OAS

This listing is from the 2022 Festival.

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Didcot- South & Vale
Drawing, Painting

I have always enjoyed working from life; the unpredictably and freshness of a painting put together at speed and in the moment. That is until lockdown forced me to do otherwise. Liberating me to explore areas in paint and drawing that I might otherwise have overlooked.

Unusual times creates an unusual body of work. You will find pieces created from life in rapid one - two hour sittings, painted instinctively and with little planning. Happy accidents from a pre-covid time. Alongside work that is less about observing individuality, and more about playing with paint, and the joy of balancing colours, marks and composition. A colourful mirror of life, rather than a window into it. To this end I have found myself working more and more in my sketchbook. Something I have always enjoyed, but which I have not used in such an explorative manner since I was a student studying furniture design over 20 years ago. Some of these studies have become important developments in themselves, and so alongside finished paintings you can also see framed pieces from my sketch book, small studies and collages, all of which have contributed to my work.

I have no idea where I am going with any of this, a hazy destination is somewhere up ahead no doubt, but I am undecided even among this collection of work as to which pieces I prefer and why. I think what unites them all is a basis in observation, a love of colour and an obsession with pushing myself forward. For me finished paintings have never been the goal. The joy of drawing and of playing with paint like a child, knows no bounds. It is that which I have really enjoyed during these strange times. I hope you enjoy it too.


The Clubhouse
Boham's Road
OX11 9HF
07787 990716
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May 2022
10am-5pm (Tues-Fri 10am-3pm)