Billy Barraclough | Ethan Reeves

This listing is from the 2022 Festival.

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Oxford East - City
Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Wood

This multidisciplinary exhibition brings together work from two artists on a shared subject: birds. Photography of starling murmurations by Billy Barraclough, and sculptures and paintings of birds made from found wood by Ethan Reeves combine together in this exhibition for the first time.

Billy Barraclough (b.1994) photographed his series 'Murmurations' over winter 2020/21 at Oxfordshire nature reserve RSPB Otmoor. In its simplest expression the work is a study of the shape, form and scale of starling murmurations. The series of photographs freeze a moment from the murmurations' ever-shifting flow, creating something distinct from the experience itself. The images become sculptural; ever-morphing forms are rendered static, and we're able to study the birds' unique creation as it existed for only a split second.

'Murmurations' was recently published as a photobook by Besides Press and was exhibited nationally in 2021. Billy's work can be found on the following links:

Ethan Reeves (b.1995) is an illustrator, image maker and sculptor who makes creations from found wood that depict and are inspired by wildlife and objects from his close surroundings – most often birds, trees and buildings. In this exhibition, Ethan brings together a collection of his bird-related work. Most often created from found wood, Ethan’s sculptures and paintings explore the materiality of the environments that birds exist within.

Ethan's work can be found on the following link:

Having both made the work in the context of the pandemic, this 'study' of birds examines their symbolism and role during this time of reduced freedoms, individual existences and global crises.

The exhibition space is a studio located at the end of the garden, which is accessible by the side gate. There will be no need to enter through the artist's home and the space will follow all Covid-19 protocols.


65 Argyle Street
07757 013723

Opening Dates and Times

May 2022