Daily trails and live events

Submitted by Esther Lafferty on Fri, 01/05/2020 - 8:05am

The 38th Oxfordshire Artweeks Festival kicks off this weekend as, for the first time, a virtual festival packed with

• a continually-changing selection of fresh art
• on-line art trails to take you from studio to studio
• video tours of exhibitions
• and insights into artists’ thoughts and processes.

More than 600 artists have diverted their creativity from canvas and clay, glass and fabric, silver and stone to embrace new technology so that you, both regular Artweeks visitors and newcomers to the festival, can still enjoy a spring art-fix wherever you live. Be inspired, entertained and delighted, and choose a treasure from the comfort of your own home.

Each day from 2nd to 25th May we are presenting a new art trail on a deliciously wide range of themes from Adventures Abroad and Elements of the Earth to People & Pets and A Whimsical Wonderland.

This weekend's trails:
• On Saturday, 2nd, you can enjoy your favourite views of The Oxfordshire Landscape whatever the real outlook from your windows.
• On Sunday, 3rd, we’ll venture into Interior Design and Home Comforts.
• On Monday, as a bank holiday treat, come with us on a Trip to the Coast to see the sparkling sea, secret coves and bobbing boats - and even finish off with fish and chips or ice-cream!

And if you fancy a different itinerary, feel free to choose an alternative or create your own tour through artists' videos and galleries.

Live events

• At 3pm on Saturday, 2nd May, Wheatley-based mosaicist extraordinaire Becky Paton unveils both an exhibition and a #portraitfornhsheroes, an initiative by Artweeks artist Tom Croft who offered to paint a portrait for someone on the COVID-19 front-line. Becky’s large-scale mosaic portraits of ‘warrior women’, those with great strength and fortitude driven by fire and passion, are flamboyant and striking, and will shortly include a new addition: she is adding the final touches to Spanish nurse Rocio from a COVID-19 ward at the JR. Visit Becky at 2.55pm to link through to the live-streaming.

• At 3pm on Saturday 9th May, as part of an art tour through A Glorious Garden, Charlotte Orr is talking live about her work, how she creates her illustrations, what media and processes she uses, and her inspiration: the natural world features throughout her luscious work. Visit Charlotte at 2.55pm to link through to the live-streaming.

• At 10am on Friday 15th May, join print designer Lorna Syson and furniture reviver Emma Whyte who are launching a collaborative venture that teams contemporary print designs with mid-century furniture for a fresh new look. At a Decorcafe Zoom morning, they will share the story of their new Eco-brand and the techniques that they have used. Visit either to prebook.

• At 12pm on Saturday 16th May, drop-in on Harriet Riddell, a performance textile artist who documents life and people she sees before her in stitch, usually in unusual locations. As part of the 'Into The Woods' art trail, Harriet will isolate in a local woodland with her trusty sewing machine for approxmately 3 hours and capture the surrounding environment. Visit Harriet at 11.55pm to link through to her live-streamed event.

You can also get involved and enjoy new art by hundreds of Oxfordshire artists on Instagram by following #oxfordshireartweeks.
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The header image, Amber Light on Broad Street, is by Emmie van Biervliet.