Daniel Goodwin | Belinda Ellis

This listing is from the 2022 Festival.

Witness IV - Acrylic on Canvas - 90x90cm - Daniel Goodwin 2021 - North
Banbury - North & West
Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking

Two contrasting approaches to painting and printmaking, one fascinating dialogue on art, nature and society.
Belinda Ellis’ paintings can be described as a synthesis of the internal and external, colour relationships seen and imagined. The ideas are visual and the work communicates like music in a non-verbal way reflecting and evoking, not copying, nature. There is a symbiotic relationship between differing or opposing elements such as accident and order, translucence and opaqueness, stillness and energy. This creates a tension. Her practise is a continuing process, the paintings being offshoots of that process, each one bringing and feeding ideas for others. At the start the outcome is not known and the process is a dialogue between the artist and the work.
Belinda likes to experiment in painting, taking chances. As an abstract painter she finds the endless possibilities it creates fascinating and exciting. It reflects the world we inhabit. Discoveries in science and technology have brought about huge changes and altered our perception. Matter itself appears to behave in a random fashion.
Daniel Goodwin’s work draws meaning from the resonance of experiences, places, conversations, personal reflection and responses to literature and music. It has its roots in 20th century modernism and is increasingly inspired by Northern European abstract art. It includes acrylic and watercolour paintings, woodcuts, and works in ink.
Daniel explores the nature of place and layers of time. He has adopted a series of mediaeval carvings at a nearby church as a starting point, alongside local landscapes, and used them as the foundation for paintings which explore ancient and modern meaning. Ideas and questions about positive human values and a sustainable future are at the core of his practice: What is a good life, a good community, a good place? The work reflects environmental concerns and the need to value and protect the world in which we live.


Clinton House
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Opening Dates and Times

May 2022
2pm-6pm (Fri 2pm-8pm)