Alison Blanchard

This listing is from the 2022 Festival.

Large blue square platter with small round blue bowl, pink makeup bag and blue bud vase
Summertown - City
Glass, Textiles

Welcome to my exhibition. I will have as many of my pieces as possible including platters, bowls, dishes, candle holders, jewellery, vases, lanterns, glass flowers, tote bags, makeup bags and aprons on display.

Much of my art is inspired by nature and flowers are a particular love of mine. The challenge of recreating them in glass either in 2D, as a picture, or 3D, as garden art, is exciting. I have a range of large and small garden art flowers – poppies, daisies, lilies and buttercups which can be “planted” in your garden and provide colour all year round or displayed in your home and look particularly stunning if intermingled with real flowers. I also have some bright flower decorations to hang in your window along with some stand-alone flowers which have their own wooden stands to cheer up any windowsill.

The beautiful sunsets we have had inspired my pendant collection. My favourites are the purples although the orange hues come a very close second. Each pendant is constructed of three layers of glass and requires two to three kiln firings to complete but remains elegant. To this collection I have added seascape pendants which capture the essence of holidays by the seaside.

I will be showing various dishes and platters in a range of wonderful bold and vibrant colours. These come under the useful and useless (display only!) categories but always bring joy. They range in size from small ring dishes (approx 8x8cm) to large round bowls with a diameter of 29cm and all sizes and shapes in between. They can be used for a variety of functional purposes or to bring colour to a room.

I will be showing framed glass pictures the colours and tactile nature of which set them apart. There will also be candle holders and lanterns suitable for indoor or outdoor entertainment.

My exhibition will include a range of beautiful, unique, decorous vases in a variety of colours – perfect for your spring flowers or great for gifts. They are approx 12cm high and come in a range of colours from greens to purples, orange to red and would look stunning on anyone’s table.

In my textile range this year I have a variety of washbags in pretty fabrics with waterproof linings, the ever popular wine cooler bags in various colours, aprons in adult and child sizes and tote bags. In addition some colourful face masks. We all like to look different from everyone else!

I hope you will enjoy my exhibition and I look forward to seeing you in May.


67 Five Mile Drive
07899 953309
Facilities available: 

Opening Dates and Times

May 2022
11am-6pm (Mon-Fri 2pm-6pm)