Jane Strother OAS

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Urban Garden Spring, oil on canvas
Headington - City

As a studio landscape painter, I devise and build a final image through many stages and layers of paint, away from the location. Initially, an arrangement of forms or motifs informed by quick drawings made on site (recording look, feel, energy) and importantly, integral to the subject, are established. The work is resolved through construction (and deconstruction) of composition, colour relationships and mark-making.

This adherence to the ‘truth’ can prompt marked differences in my work from one series to another, in choice of colour palette and value relationships, of scale and mass, of mark. Forms or motifs may become less recognisable, giving way to the quality and colour of a mark and its location the palpable nature of the painted surface.

Subjects are rooted in landscape. The selected new work is part of a ‘Buildings in Landscape’ personal project, considering the use or disuse of these in our surroundings. Fragile ecologies (land/sea margins, threatened green belt) continue to be important to me as well as more domesticated environments (particularly in this last year). A life time's enthusiasm for topography, natural habitat and wild life, particularly botany, may suggest the detail in an image.

Covid safe arrangements:
You may contact me via my website if you would like to make an appointment outside of opening hours.
Clear, spacious, well ventilated environment in house and studio.
3 people in studio at one time, 4/5 in house. I will monitor numbers and suggest how you move round the site. There is waiting space in the garden, with some seating.
Visitors are expected to use the and hand sanitiser on entry and to wear face coverings.


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May 2021
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