Aisha Darr | Asma Hashmi OPC

Site Number: 160
Summertown (City)
Drawing, Furniture, Jewellery, Mixed Media, Paper, Printmaking

Aisha investigates the contradictions and starkness of life, trauma and separation balanced with compassion, peace and fulfilment. Her work embodies the intrinsic duality of life, it captures a moment, breathing in the here and now whilst exploring visions and vibes for the future and from the past. Aisha explores ‘concentric circles of compassion’, having worked through anger, high emotion and passion her art strives to arrive at an inner equilibrium.
Asma delves into the dialogue between the inner self and the sexual dynamics of being a woman. Asma’s art is evocative of female genitalia covered in layers of social norms and expectations. She uses layering and line quality to communicate a deep sense of loss, hurt and anger interwoven with the unraveling of a sense of self. Her art work looks at the symbolism of eternal beauty, exploited to suppress passion and acceptance of female sexuality and desires.


1 Summers Place
Sunderland Avenue
01865 579273
Facilities Available: 
Wheelchair Friendly, Family Friendly, Demonstrations, Refreshments, Parking

Opening Dates and Times

9-10 15-17 20 22-24 28-30 May
11am-6pm (Saturday, Sunday 1pm-8pm)
Open for Artweeks Christmas exhibition.