Clay and Cloth Collective

Venue, Timing

THE GRANARY, Watlington
Thursday, 3 December 2020
Monday to Saturday - 9.00am -3.00pm
Cloth and Clay Collective

Postponed - new dates to be confirmed.
A group of Ceramic and Textile Artists have come together to exhibit at The Granary Cafe:

Textile textures on clay, ceramic shards sewn onto fabric, hand-built pottery and hand-stitched thread-work should make for an unusual series of pieces.

Karen Higgs - Constructing art pieces with fabrics incorporating ceramic printed or constructed.
Satnam Bains - Incorporating textile textures with his trademark glass and ceramic glazes.
Susie Bidgood - Using textile forms to produce beautiful new surface interest on pottery vases and vessels.
Angela Swan - Inspired more ideas with her latest darned and patch-worked hangings.
Jaine McCormack - Ceramic shards sewn onto hand printed fabrics which highlight the beauty of insect wings.
Jodie Campbell-Craig - Raku fired discs incorporating thread work.
Andrea Brewer - Working with textiles for the first time to create collaged clay and fabric pieces.

Unique Art pieces, creative festive ideas as gifts for family and friends.


Submitted by

Satnam Bains