What does Artweeks do for you?

Oxfordshire Artweeks is an artists' organisation which provides opportunities for Oxfordshire artists and designer-makers with a flagship event in May, a festival of open studios and pop-up exhibitions across the county, in which anyone can take part if they live or work in Oxfordshire or are a member of an established Oxfordshire based art group, society or guild.

The details of all Artweeks May exhibitions are presented in a free glossy festival guide, 50,000 copies of which are distributed in April and May throughout Oxfordshire and beyond, through a network of local information centres, libraries and many other venues. Wide-spread recognition of the strong Artweeks logo signposting a venue gives the public the confidence they need to venture into exhibitions.

To support the May festival, Artweeks mounts an effective publicity campaign across the county and beyond with a leaflet and poster campaign, and through the placement of your stories in the local media and via social media, to ensure that the festival as a whole is brought to the attention of a wide audience. We also provide newspapers and local magazines, and BBC Oxford and other regional radio stations with feature suggestions about individual artists and designer-makers who have a particularly newsworthy story. To help to you best take advantage of these opportunities, we offer annual marketing workshops (currently free to members) and additional support where possible throughout the year.

We also promote a smaller Christmas Season designed to give those Artweeks members who registered for the May exhibitions the chance to promote a November/December weekend show they would expect to hold anyway – whether that’s as a solo artist, or as a participant at a Christmas fair or other event/venue (at dates of your choosing between mid November and mid December). If you are a member organising a local event that's primarily for Artweeks members and local artisans, you may take a listing as a group or event rather than an individual – however, if you plan to include participants who are not Artweeks members, please contact the office on artweeks@artweeks.org to confirm that the listing can be included. Registration for each Christmas Season takes place during the previous June.

Annual Artweeks membership includes an online gallery with the facility to upload one image of yourself at work and 6 additional images of artwork, along with information on forthcoming exhibitions, courses, website and contact details. This offers a search facility by media. These galleries have proved to be a successful vehicle for additional sales and artists have been offered commissions and gallery space on the strength of these additional images.

Last but not least, through Artweeks you will be connected to a comprehensive network of local artists and through regular newsletters be offered a variety of adhoc opportunities for Artweeks artists or of which you might otherwise be unaware.

Join our Oxfordshire Artweeks artists Facebook group here and begin to meet us, or look out for details of free October/November sessions by Festival Director Esther Lafferty which cover what you might like to think about if you are interested in taking part in next year (see here for dates).

If you would like to exhibit, you need to register as an Artweeks member, find a venue for your May exhibition and sign up to exhibit either as a solo artist or as part of a group exhibition using the on-line registration system. See How do I get involved for further information.