Need a venue?

Artists exhibit during Artweeks for a range of reasons. These include giving the public a chance to see their work, see how it is made and to visit their studios, and meeting people, some primarily for feedback, others to make sales, and becoming involved in the local artist community. While many artists find it most convenient to open their home or studio, others prefer to group together.

Would you like to take part in the Artweeks festival but can't exhibit from home?
It is an artist's responsibility to find and organise a venue for their Artweeks exhibition. However, in the autumn particularly, we are often contacted by venues who are keen to host an Artweeks exhibition, artists who are looking for possible exhibition venues and artists who would look like to share their space with other exhibitors. As and when we hear of these opportunities, we have listed them at the bottom of this page.

Would you like to offer your space as a venue?

Do consider the pros and cons of different venue types.
- From visitor feedback, it is clear that while some of our visitors have a preference for venues that are not private homes, others much prefer to visit an artist in their own environment.
- Please bear in mind that we have found that groups of artists often attract greater footfall than solo artists, and rural venues do tend to be quite a lot quieter than those in town centres. Working with other artists to present a group exhbition however can present more of a challenge than managing your own exhibition in your own way.
- It can be useful to hold an exhibition in a venue that has good footfall for other purposes e.g. a theatre or leisure centre. However, multi-purpose venues, or venues for whom art is not the their primary purpose may need more encouragement with their signage and exhibition promotion.
- Cafes often provide good wall space and long opening hours while the artist needn't be in situ. However, sometimes exhibition visitors find it hard to enjoy artwork over the heads of diners.

By encouraging other local artists to exhibit nearby, an area can become increasingly active within Artweeks – though it may take several years to build a strong artist community within a particular village or locality.

It is now too late to register a new venue for May 2020.

Opportunities for 2021

To check the Artweeks area in which your proposed venue falls (see regions map). If you are unsure please contact the office.