Your on-line artist gallery

We recommend that you register and pay for Artweeks membership on-line (via PayPal who accept payment from all major credit cards). Not only does this help our Artweeks staff - it also brings considerable additional benefits:

  • Immediate confirmation that your details have been received
  • The ability to check instantly the text and exhibition details you have submitted for the festival guide and alter them until the 31st December (an on-line 'proofing' process)
  • The facility to manage and update your own personal and contact details
  • A longer description of your exhibition on-line
  • And a free online gallery and artist biography, live from the beginning of March until the end of the festival year.

Website exhibition listing:

Each Exhibition has its own web listing that may be searched via the map searches or by name, media, region and area.

Your artist gallery:

Visit My Account and add a small artist’s biography, an image of yourself at work and six additional images of your art, in a your own dedicated on-line 'gallery' that will be live on the site from March-December for the festival year for which you have registered.
This gives your work greater visibility by providing you with a continuous presence throughout the year where you may display descriptions of forthcoming exhibitions, contact details and up to six images. An individual password gives you private access to the site so that you can arrange your own information and update it throughout the year. As an exhibiting member, your exhibition listing will automatically include a link to your gallery page.