The Artweeks regions

The following map of Oxfordshire shows how the three weeks of Artweeks are split into three regions, with Artweeks concentrating on each region for nine (or ten) days during the festival - see the map below.

Blue: North and West Oxfordshire
Red: Oxford City
Yellow: South and Vale
If you are unsure in which region your venue is, please contact the office.
For future dates by region, scroll down.

Oxfordshire Artweeks Regions map

May 2025 Oxfordshire Artweeks May Festival

  • Oxford City May 3-11 (4th Bank Holiday)
  • South Oxfordshire 11-18
  • North Oxfordshire 17-26 (26th Bank Holiday)

May 2026 Oxfordshire Artweeks May Festival 2-25th May

  • South Oxfordshire 2nd -10th May (5th May Bank Holiday)
  • North Oxfordshire 9th -17th May
  • Oxford City May 16th-25th (25th May Bank Holiday)

May 2027 Oxfordshire Artweeks May Festival 1st - 23rd May

  • North Oxfordshire 1st - 9th May (3rd May Bank Holiday)
  • Oxford City May 8th-16th May
  • South Oxfordshire 15th - 23rd May

May 2028 Oxfordshire Artweeks May Festival 6th-29th May

  • Oxford City 6th -14th May
  • South Oxfordshire 13th -21st May
  • North Oxfordshire 20th -29th (29th Bank Holiday)